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an urgent communique from Black Mountain:

Black Mountain's stolen gear surfaced in brooklyn: help get it!

Apparently some of our stolen gear has surfaced on Bedford and North 7th in Brooklyn. Some street vendor is trying to sell it. We'd especially like to get the guitars back (if that's what he's selling) We can't really do shit from Vancouver but if anyone could help us out or had any ideas or know what exactly he's trying to sell that would be cool. Shit, we'd fly there and even buy them back from him if we could.

Gibson RD Standard electric guitar (blonde woodstain) serial .. 1366
Eko 12 string electric guitar (sunburst / case has Gus stenciled on it w/ stickers)
Epiphone ET-270 electric guitar (cherry red w/ black pickguard)
Fender Telecaster Thinline electric guitar (woodstain)
Squire Telecaster electric guitar (black w/ Jawbreaker sticker)
Gibson Ripper electric bass (sunburst w/ ducktaped pickguard / heavily damaged paint finish on the backside/ case has Black Halos stenciled on it)

pedals (in black and silver flight case):
Maestro Phaser serial .. 013922
MXR Distortion +
MXR overdrive
Boss Tremolo
Boss Digital Delay / Octave
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Electro Harmonix Dr. Q
Electro Harmonix Octaver
2 Boss TU-2 guitar tuners

damn, it's times like this i wish i knew more about instruments/sound equipment. if you can lend any assistance, please contact the band.



here's Modest Mouse and Califone covering Slayer's "South Of Heaven." interesting.

• Modest Mouse & Califone - South Of Heaven

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  1. please please please tell me where jello wrestling was! fuck, i need to go next time. great pics.