(yep, it says "big dick")

i received a very interesting letter from a friend of a friend. they have been touring the recently ravaged disaster areas of the southern US. the letter puts forth how the rich in the US benefit greatly from disasters such as what we've seen this past year. No matter what your take, it is worth a read. . . leave your thoughts in the comments. there's bound to be some dissenting opinions.



here's something to get your weekend started off right. . . brazilian bangers, Cansei De Ser Sexy (Tired Of Being Sexy) covering Blondie, with a little "Teenage Kicks" thrown in for good measure.

• Cansei De Ser Sexy - One Way Or Another

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  1. funny mouth noises never sounded so sexy!

    that is rather clever.

  2. while I have little doubt that things are pretty wild in the Katrina-hit south right now, the author's idea of 'how global economics really works' is pretty ignorant, almost offensively so -

    'new markets can't last forever', 'the majority doesn't have enough wealth to buy everything that is produced' - does she have ANY idea what's been happening in, say, China and India (to pick the two largest and most visible examples) over the past two decades of 'neoliberal' policies? roughly 500 MILLION (that's 500,000,000) people have been lifted from poverty into the middle class and can now in fact afford to buy all sorts of things - and they are, in huge numbers, and they want to buy more. 500 MILLION! and counting!

    and 'global capitalism' isn't worried about 'running out' of markets anytime soon b/c there are a few hundred million more throughout the developing world that want to join China/India/et al in the global middle class, not to mention the billion plus still trapped in absolute poverty in the least developed countries - all of whom are counting on the continued advance of globalization to make that happen for them, too.

    so the idea that 'global capitalism' needs 'surplus poor people' to be 'sacrificed' is ludicrous - in fact, if any system of social organization is guilty for sacrificing 'surplus' poor, it's undoubtedly socialism, which really did result in the starvation of tens of millions of Russian and Chinese in the 20th century. the idea that 'the global economic system cannot hold unless more and more of us are completely emiserated (sic)' is utterly insane, the aforementioned birth of the Chinese and Indian middle classes is the prime driver of the global economy right now, and the global economy is counting on similar successes to keep it going in the future. 'global capitalism' wants nothing more than for those people to become wealthy enough to buy more stuff, and all the empirical evidence of the last few decades shows quite clearly that it has an unsurpassed track record of success in this respect. talk about 'opportunities to educate'...