saturday is the day, start conserving your energy now. . .

- Idiotarod! (saturday during the day, brooklyn - manhattan). see the previous post for info.

- Time's Up! Special Movie Night = WARRIORS: THE BIKE MOVIE and other Alley Cat fun stuff (at 8 pm, 49 E. houston st.). if you haven't seen this film yet, DO NOT MISS IT. the part with the viking and the baptist church is priceless.

- Fort Seriously RIP!

From Lee & Taryn of Fort Seriously, 97 Montrose:

Cheers of joy. Boos of disapointment. Indifferent askance glances asking "what the fuck do I care?" Lee and Taryn are leaving the Fort to the future beverage store owners, professionals, hipsters, faggots, deviants, heathens, anarchists, homemakers and vermin of 97 and 99 Montrose. It's over Febuary 1st. In honor, Fort Seriously is hosting a gala burlesque performance, birthday party and bon voyage party on Saturday, January 28th, begining at eight o'clock in the evening.




are you hyper? are you happy? are you shouty? well you are now. and keyboards!

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  1. Any detail about the Ft. Seriously finale that you'd like to share.

  2. um, it's in brooklyn. not sure what else you would need.