thursday is the much anticipated opening of Josh MacPhee's new Paper Politics printmaking show at 5 Plus 5 Gallery in DUMBO, brooklyn. it's in conjunction with the book of the same project, also by Josh MacPhee. 174 artists contributing, it'll blow your little politically-burned-out mind.



so a little birdy (named Jade) sent Ad Astra Per Aspera my way. i used to listen to this one song i found on Insound years ago when i was still in college, but had pretty much forgotten about them. i'm glad someone sent me back 'round their way, as the new stuff is way better than the track i remember from days of old. drop by their site to pick up other equally arresting musical forays. or watch them live.

• Ad Astra Per Aspera - Goodland At Night

and look ma! i have a myspace profile!

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