(from some party where people get naked. . . too many dudes though. more here. um, and that would be for you 18+ folks.)

Mr. Sucka went partying this weekend. which is unusual. i blame My Open Bar, personally. (and relatedly, riding your bike all over brooklyn/manhattan till 5am when it's nuts cold outside WILL make you sick eventually. but nothing that some v8 and sleeping till 3pm can't fix.) one of the highlights was definitely Jaja's dj set at the Sweatshop Labor shindig. goddamn that boy can spin. it was one of those too-crowded-to-move-but-we-have-to-dance-to-this-anyway scenes. very fun. went to some party called Trash, lot's of seemingly-under-21s. but of the pretty st.-marks-punk-meets-The-Cure kind. and then Rated X last night. too many dicks, not enough chicks (at least naked on stage anyway). but Jeannie Nitro and friends kept it lively upstairs by throwing liquor on everyone and breaking tables. keeps ya smiling.

and here's something left over from before it got all bitter-ass cold. Japanther playing live outside at Pratt Institute. watch for the dude passing out and getting carried away.



so since that video above was shot, Japanther has come out with another album. they are some prolific dudes, i must say. the new album is solid, although it didn't blow me away as much as Wolfenswan. but more importantly, it has those staple songs you anticipate raging out to at every show they play. so now you can pop it in, crank it up at home, and destroy YOUR OWN kitchen for once. friggin' awesome. and if you need some visual help to imagine the intensity that is Japanther, here are more photos and stuff.

• Japanther - The Gravy

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  1. oh my god.

    one of the naked kids is my friend from high school. holy shit.

  2. . . . and that's why the internet exists.

  3. wow tod! do you shoot your mother with that lens?!