(Poor Boy Johnson gets excited)

so the Rattlesnake totally slept on plugging himself, Poor Boy Johnson, The Lonsome Doves, AND Leaders. so here i am swooping in at the last minute like some uptight secretary. great. bottom line: fun show tonight at Galapagos, and it's a benefit for one of the (most effective) organizations helping with the hurricane disaster relief down south. all this brought to you by the radiant Ms. Troublebrass. come early, have a blast, then go home and be glad you live where there are great shows all the time. i'll let the Rattlesnake take over from here. . .


SHOW ENDS AT 10pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

weds. jan. 18th.
7pm sharp. ends 10pm.
seven dollars.
70 north 6th st.

benefit concert for friends down in mississippi helping people in need. people helping people. makes me smile.

amazing musical performances by:

poor boy johnson and the goddamn rattlesnake.
(a hangover waiting to happen.)

(heavier than space.)

lonesome doves.
(like a wedding in a funeral parlor.)

we only have the space for three hours. so come after work. go home early. sleep well knowing you helped the someone. somewhere. good people. good music. good times. i can not wait. hope to see you all there. at 7pm. galapagos. yes.

completely yours.

(the lazy) g.d. rattlesnake.



and just to make this complete, i'm going to post a track off of the Rattlesnake's last album (which came out a while ago), that he has YET to get around to throwing up here. if i didn't live with the guy, i'd think he just sat around all day in his underwear eating cereal and scratching himself. but he doesn't. in fact i don't really think he's a big fan of cereal in general. and he usually wears jeans and a plaid shirt, probably with underwear underneath. but i can't attest to that for sure. either way, this is probably my favorite song off the album, and if you come to a show you get one for FREE. now that's just generous. although those guys are still trying to figure out how one of their cds ended up in the hands of a soldier in michigan (strange, since they've never toured). . . but that's another story.

• Poor Boy Johnson & The Goddamn Rattlesnake feat. Crozier - Foggy River Roll

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  1. have i told you lately that i love you?

  2. no. but you should. i get lonely.

  3. i cant stop listening to that Matt & Kim mp3 you posted! DO YOU HAVE ANYMORE?

  4. i do, but you should just go see them and get a cd at the show. oh wait, you live in europe somewhere. um, well you can listen to other tracks here. or just send me an email and i'll hook you up (i am a forgetful one). ask and ye shall receive (if you remind me).

  5. yeh. any chance they are coming to Berlin?! haha. no, its not funny, its sad! i would love to see them.
    i did try myspace but its making my pc crash at the moment. i will try checking back there later.
    i'll be in touch, sir.

  6. i was there. that was a good day.