i had an odd experience this weekend. . . it's amazing how "unamerican" someone can make you feel when you admit that you don't watch television. it's as if these celebrities' idenities were as crucial to our national identity as the pledge of alliegence.

Matt & Kim are going on tour during all of february. the list of locations/dates can be found here. a lot of spots are still up in the air, so if you can help these kids get a show, get in touch. and here's a little reminder as to why you're going to drive 2 hours to see them if necessary. or if you're in nyc, go catch them tonight with Meneguar at Tommy's Tavern in greenpoint (1041 Manhattan Ave @ Freeman St, $6). it's their last show for three months while they tour and get famous (march & april dates to follow).

also, Nick Catchdubs is offering up the mixtape he did with Saul Williams again. don't miss it this time around, go download it here. (download site)



i heard this on the radio somewhere between dayton and youngstown in ohio. which is pretty damn weird. it was on some radio station's "old school lunch," which consisted (supposedly) of old school rap tracks. only problem? it was a request show. so the actual "old school rap" songs that people requested were: Bon Jovi, Belinda Carlisle, and Tears For Fears. even the dj made a comment about how people were kind of missing the point before he elected to put on "Bad," by Michael Jackson. however somewhere in between all of that, this came on. and it made my day.

• Cameo - Word Up

support old schools, buy music

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