(the one-and-only Brownbird Rudy Relic)

in case you were wondering what Lovefoxxx has been up to, apparently she's collaborating with Shakira now.



Brownbird Rudy Relic is one of the few people i can think of that has caused me to stop in mid-sentence and walk away from the person i was talking to just to listen to him. he played with the Rattlesnake at hank's saloon a while ago, and caused me to perform the aforementioned rude act. that was also the same show where the bar owner turned on the radio during Rattlesnake and Poor Boy Johnson's set. it played for a good while, until Zipco was finally able to put a stop to it. but i digress. Brownbird has a very unique and captivating sound. . . some parts old blues man, some parts lost romantic ballad, a mouth that can open big enough to swallow a football, and a wail that gets your attention by the shear heart-felt earnestness of it. . . however, this is a much better description. i hope you enjoy this as much as i do.

• Brownbird Rudy Relic - Stranger Here Blues

(also, Brownbird Rudy Relic is playing at pete's candy store on tuesday january 3rd with I'll Be John Brown. Brownbird goes on at 10pm. do yourself a favor and swing by for a warm initmate little show on a cold january night.)

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  1. as far as the shakira thing.

    I have no idea what that was that you just showed us. the squirming toes thing was pretty great, but still left me just a lil confused. but still always nice to see lovefoxx and know that she is doing well.

    what the hell is going on with her website by the by, that poor cat has been wearing the same pyramid for months.

  2. oh, well it's her and a friend making a fake video for a Shakira song. and that's about it, silliness and dancing ensues.