photos from the 188 demolition party. it was kind of a bummer some amateurs busted out all the exterior windows so early. if you want to keep a party going, you have to keep it inside. when neighbors hear smashing windows and loud bands, they are gonna call the cops. duh.

so apparently you can now either stream the Sucka Pants playlist (just click on the logo of the media type you want to use), or download the Sucka Pants podcast for iTunes. thanks to Hype Machine for these technologems.



so this may be the first time i have a real story to go along with a post. okay, well it's not that great a story, but it is legit. i'd heard of The Stranglers here and there, but never followed up. so at one point between artist assisting and the graphic design gig, i was trying to make rent by being a personal computer technician. you know, come to your house, fix your computer, install programs/peripherals, teach you how to do stuff, etc. anyway, i was working for a very nice client one time and her husband offered to show me some of his video work. so he pops on the video for "Golden Brown" by The Stranglers, along with some other late 70s punk music videos. he had some interesting stories of living in london during that time as well. the point being that the video and the stories kicked my ass in to gear and i finally went and tracked down what i could from The Stranglers. nice gems from the birth of punk in the UK, full of lovely metaphors for heroin and uh, female anatomy. enjoy.

• The Stranglers - Golden Brown

• The Stranglers - Peaches

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  1. its funny, I was going to yell at you today for not posting the "smash 'em up" pictures yet.

    and here they are.

    well cool. thanks for making me not yell at a computer.

    not that I'm even close to above that.

  2. yesterday at the virgin megastore on union square an album of the stranglers is in their super xmas cds under $10 section. assuming of course you aren't above shopping in the virgin megastore.


  3. what's the virgin megastore?

  4. well toddles, its two things...

    its that the sacred nirvana that got some gentlemen so excited they knocked the twin towers knocked down


    its 14th and broadway and its where they sell you the same shit you can find anywhere else, but they sell it at top dollar prices with sexy sexy wrapping.

    good lord virgin mega-store is sexy.

    aw hell, both are sexy.

  5. tods-
    have you checked this out for your xmas compulayshun?---->

    dj rikos' xmas bump n' grind


  6. these are two of my favorite songs in the universe.

    ...never a frown
    with golden brown...

    "peaches" was in the opening scene of one of my favorite flicks, sexy beast...

  7. It is hard to believe and easy to forget but we are ten years further down the dustpipe of time from the Stranglers' Rattus Norvegicus now than I was from the bloody birth of rock 'n' roll in high school. Peaches is the greatest beach song ever written.

    If you don't have a handful of Stranglers recordings in your collection you have fucked up baby.