coming home for the holidays is always interesting on one level or another. mild family drama mixed with running around repairing bird feeders and building picture frames is a bit more fun when you're not really really sick. but whatever, i can't complain. although i didn't expect to have some cheery 21 year old look me square in the face at some random retro cleveland bar and say "i guess you wouldn't know, it wasn't really your era." i'll admit i was unaware that half a decade equaled an era nowadays. but regardless i still didn't have a clue what tv show she was talking about.



the fact that my little sister is dating the lead singer of this band has nothing to do with the fact that i am posting it. i swear. really. it IS an xmas song. really.

• Head Of Femur - Christmas With Cliff, Connie, And Carol

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  1. Nice photo Sucka! I'm happy neither of my sisters dated the lead singer from a band called Head of Femur.

  2. ahhhh.....

    the simple joys of a christmas-date-rape joke headline.

    Somebody told me they could only find fucked up headlines on some some Zipco Inc. site? did they mean Suckapants? maybe i should headbutt them.

  3. actually it wasn't really a date-rape joke. it was more in reference to some kids i used to know in cleveland who would take roofies for fun. but eventually there were too many times of waking up to your closet (and everything in it) spray-painted black and feeling seriously ill due to the fact the windows were closed. or the time when someone went to the hospital cause they wanted a doctor's note so they didn't have to go to work the next day. . . and a month later received a $1000 bill in the mail for that doctor's note.

    ah roofies, they make anything seem like a good idea at the time.

  4. hahahahhahhaahhaha

    sucka is not responsible for what his headlines actually imply, only what he was thinking when he wrote them.

    thusly, i want the next headline to be like "WOW, GETTING HELD AT GUNPOINT AND DETAINED BY GUN RUNNERS IN BRAZIL IS SCARY" and have it be about jogging so fast you feel like a bullet. that would be awesome.