this is from James Stache, who will hopefully eventually just be posting these himself and cut out the middle man (me).

so ends the era of one of the radder houses in the neighborhood

everytime im riding by i see the huge pit in the empty lot getting wider, and parts of the backyard fence being removed. 188 franklin is coming down.

if you have been in the neighborhood for the past 5+ years you know what this house meant to the house party scene. 188 and 186 next door held some of the best backyard, basement, and kitchen rock shows ive ever attended. both houses showcased tons of bands, and had all-nite slippery dance parties.

both houses held some of the raddest crews of guys and girls - to name some julia, rose, juliet, laura, missy, eliza, ben wolf, michelle, rollo, toyshop collective...the list goes on (sorry if im forgetting you). it was passed thru several generations of super friends and was always available to bro down in.

i mean, can you remember the time two gallants and all those other sf bands played in the rainy leaky dead rat covered basement? or seeing the development of amanda noa into poorboy johnson and goddamn rattlesnake? maybe matt and kim should thank the house for their band. or remember the time half of critical mass ended up in the backyard? and tod seelie should credit half of his photos to the address.

the hassid landlord rented the house to jason and chandler for $500 for the month, today ends that fake lease. there will be a fucking rager to give the house its proper burial. come with screwdrivers and prybars. take some molding home, or maybe the claw foot tub on the third floor.

if you ever got wasted or laid because of 188 or 186, you should be there.

188 franklin
at willoughby ave
friday, december 2nd
party o clock

so be there bitches. . .



sometimes i shouldn't have to explain why a song is good, ya know? because sometimes i'm just too tired to think straight. let's just say that the title plays heavily into the appropriateness of this track. that and the narrative of a tourtured boy combined with the dueling-dance-beat reminds me of all the girls i either tried and failed to, or actually succeeded in dancing with on the kitchen floor of 188 over the years. goddamn that place is full of fun and memories. and unrelatedly, thanks to Tom for hooking me up with those Showcase Showdown tracks. i love it when you take a shot in the dark and hit pay dirt. Tom also does a great site of band photography. you should go check it out.

• The Flesh - Sweet Defeat

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  1. we love the house... but we never played there.
    long live 188 franklin