anyone going to miami for the Art Basel this year? i won't be, but if you do happen to make it down and are able to see some artwork in between parties, i'll be showing some work at the Frisbee Art Fair happening at the same time. details below:

Frisbee Art Fair
"Grandma Take Me Home"
At the Cavalier Hotel, 1st floor, 1320 Ocean Dr.

mmmmmmmmm. . . miami in december, all the fake boobs and fake asses you could need. sounds good to me.



i'd heard this track by Dungen randomly a while back, and was pretty into it. so when i had a chance to see them live in brazil i was psyched. however it seems that "Panda" is sort of a one-off for Dungen, a lot of their other songs don't seem to come together as cohesively as "Panda" does. their live set got almost boring in the giant warehouse setting. when i went to examine their other stuff later, it seemed to match up with my impressions from the concert. however, that doesn't mean that this particular song isn't pretty darn interesting. so although i cannot claim to be a fan of their psychedelia-guitar-noodling, "Panda" is definitely worth your time to give a listen to. oh yeah, it's in swedish cause they are from sweden. . . heavily influenced by traditional swedish folk music and 60s pop/rock (folkrockpsych), blah blah blah. . . you'll get it.

• Dungen - Panda

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  1. i will be in florida from december 19th to the 28th.

  2. I remember when I interviewed them they said Panda are those girls in heavy black eye make up.
    Yo Tod, your guestbook sometimes is full of rage. I read the comments in the post of the girl in underwear and don't mind the anonymous... BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAHHHHH. I have no idea who that person is... Anyway... It was suppose for me to watch TV on the radio gig last week but they didn't come cuz the father of someone there died... so sad...

  3. I posted a comment there!!

  4. yay!
    a non-portrait.
    awesome dude.