(yes, that is Kim playing drums with bread. she was trying to play quietly so the cops would leave. it didn't work, but the bread was really good.)

so guess who realized their camera makes little movies? yep. so now you get to see what you missed in massachusetts this weekend. it was pretty sweet.

(all links are to a download site. you have to wait like 40 seconds before downloading. patience is rewarded, sometimes.)
Goddamn Rattlesnake + Poor Boy Johnson + Crozier - Boston (1)
Goddamn Rattlesnake + Poor Boy Johnson + Crozier - Boston (2)
Matt & Kim at Hampshire College
Matt & Kim in Boston (1)
Matt & Kim in Boston (2)
Matt & Kim in Boston (3) with special guest appearance
Chris Fullerton covering The New Amsterdam in Boston

Check out what Senator Jim Elliot of Montana had to say after viewing Still We Ride (documentary about the NYPD's crackdown on Critical Mass rides in nyc).

and new game: spot the sucka!



i heard this a ton on the college radio in cleveland when i was home last month. it made me kind of wistful to have a life to picture this song applying to, but seeing as i had been traveling for a few months and had to leave whatever i did find behind me. . . it didn't really work. now i'm back home, and it's just confusing if anything. but whatever, you spend 3 months losing yourself and you're gonna end up lost. congratulations (pat on the back).

• Rise Against - Swing Life Away

buy music, especially independent.


  1. sorry, what's so lackluster about this song? beacuse it's pretty? no need to pretend your always hard seelie. and i see your shiny head in that video. :-)

    anyway, this song is great, but if you just have to have loud, listen to the other 40 tracks they've released. Rise Against happens to be the only political hardcore punk band making political music worth listening to anymore...partly because there are about 3 fucking hardcore bands left that make political music. when hardcore became nothing more than the whoring of stupid fashions and ignorant hate, and quickly died off in the late 90s like the sickly, slow dim beast that it was, a second wave of useful people decided to pick up the torch and make music that inpsires people to fight and to work for change...for me at least, Rise Against is one of the few real hardcore bands left. how about these lyrics for examples: "suffering from something we're not sure of, in a world there is no cure for, these lives we live test negative for happiness, flatline, no pulse but eyes open, single file like soldiers on a mission, if there's no war outside our heads, why are we losing? i don't ask for much, truth be told i'd settle for a life less frightening" or, "give me your logic, your defintion, the words you twist to justify your position of mass starvation and blind airstrikes, every problem is solved with a fight. peace won't be found till we're underground...", but their music is also really beautiful at the same time that it expresses such anger. an eloquent, thinking-revolutionary's voicebox...they are just as vital as Bad Religion or Anti-Flag (usually) or Propagandhi in terms of their lyrics.

    sorry if i sound rant-y, but the interweb never allows for tone...

  2. by "lackluster" i meant not that the song was bad (otherwise i wouldn't post it), but more that my motivations for choosing it we're pretty thin. that, and if it got beat into my head by the radio, it can't be all that new to most people.

    but regardless, put your money where your mouth is. . . guest-post some Rise Against and show us what we're missing.