this is kind of interesting. they used some of my photos as part of this roving video animation about jazz legend Sonny Rollins. you can go see it at the TIme Warner Center at Columbus Circle. do i win points for randomness with this one?



the Oblivians were an absolutely amazing punk rawk band that saw it's rise and demise in the 90s. they've been covered by the likes of The Detroit Cobras and Guitar Wolf, if that tells you anything. they're so good i couldn't even think of posting fewer than four songs. and on top of that, one of my all-time favorite songs ever is "Bad Man". you WILL sing along to it, and you WILL like it. . . otherwise you're already dead.

• Oblivians - Bad Man

• Oblivians - Show Me What You Like

• Oblivians - You Fucked Me Up, You Put Me Down

• Oblivians With Mr. Quintron - Live The Life

*(and yes, Federation X does seem to owe a lot of their sound to this band. but if you're gonna borrow from anywhere, the Oblivians couldn't be a better place to start.)

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  1. the animation is dope, they used your photos really well.

    but listen, if you didnt get MOTHERFUCKING PAID for that, you should change your name to SuckaSuckaSuckaPants or SuckaPantsSuckaSucka

    some kind of name like that.

    if you did get PAID... Congrats brother, you deserved it.


  2. wait a minute. . . you think they would have given me money?

  3. and according to The Boston Pheonix, a name change wouldn't be a bad idea.

    "... at the unfortunately named blog Suckapants."

  4. awww you're fuckin with me right?

    you got paid.

    please for the sake of fuck, tell me you got PAID for something that is being shown at the TIME WARNER BUILDING at COLUMBUS CIRCLE.

    "Well maybe that up and coming neighborhood can't spare the money. Maybe when big business moves in... wait... whats the name of the building?"

  5. i never fuck with you. i am always serious 100% of the time. see, i'm not smiling right now. not one bit.

  6. thank fuck for that.

    it would be a shame if you had a whole lot of money in your pocket and bought the camera you deserve.

  7. yeah, yeah it would. although that ain't gonna happen till they ACTUALLY give me the check. still sittin' on my hands on that one. as always.