The Apes playing at Tommy's last week.

i spent the weekend rolling around massachusetts with the Goddamn Rattlesnake, Crozier, Poor Boy Johnson and lovely Matt & Kim. i am kinda wrecked. the thing is, when you're the designated driver you don't get shit-faced. . . but you do end up completely exhausted from long late-night post-show drives. i think i sucked down more than the recommended dose of mountain dew "pitch black II" limited edition soda. man i am a sucker for dumb stuff sometimes. but the Rattlesnake's mom sure can cook. . . and they have a graveyard in the back of their house. that's kind of cool. more on this later when i have finished some of this freelance pre-press b.s. blah. somebody pay me to do something that doesn't crush my brain and spirit, please?



this cover is so good it makes me salivate. Scout Niblett covering "Uptown Top Ranking" originally by Althena & Donna. The Kills couldn't stop saying how much they loved Scout Niblett when they were interviewed down in brazil. so go on and get up on that tip.

• Scout Niblett - Uptown Top Ranking

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  1. I have a friend that is exetremely unforgiving of Secretly Canadien for having some freaky Christian Band on the label, she also holds Niblett accountable for it...
    Also when this friend of mine played a show with Scout we left before her set, cos of an unbearably annoying band opening. So I still have no clue what her live show is like....