i had an interesting weekend. but i'll just let the photo speak to that.



i have been amiss in not posting something from The Fatal Flying Guillotines before. one of my favorite live acts, i try to never miss an opportunity to witness the carnage they cause. after all, seeing people get hurt and/or hurt themselves never gets old. and their music is great too. if you like frenetic, strangley guitars with shouty vocals to jump around and fall down to. . . then you are in luck. they are also another good example in the band's-name-matching-their-sound game. and they wear matching pink outfits with white Lone Ranger masks. beat that.

• The Fatal Flying Guillotines - Onward Electric

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  1. WOW.

    good for you dude, but generally, TMI.

  2. i think you assume too much.

  3. better than matching pink outfits?
    i think i am goin' with liza's outfit right here.

  4. I'm sure Lovefoxxx really appreciates this behaviour....bastard

  5. you assume way too much as well, "anonymous". why don't you just ask her?

    and since i don't have enough confidence in your ability to figure it out, i'll clue you in. . . i'm a photographer, which means i do things called "photo shoots". and sometimes these shoots are in swanky apartments with people in outfits that maybe aren't what they wear to the grocery store. if that's what the client needs, then that's what i do. so if you think you have the ability and the right to judge me and my relationships based on some photo on a website, maybe you should get the whole story first. but of course you probably knew that, hence the "anonymous". next time maybe you should keep your face shut, or at least have the balls leave your name, bitch.

  6. hahahahaha.

    fucker got nailed with that.

    anonymous is a bitch move any way you slice it.

  7. Yo anonymous. if you got hurt use your own name. do not put hurt where there isn't. life is pretty. Like Sucka's photos and a girl in lingerie. Muah

  8. By the way, the Guilloteens haven't been wearing the masks in uhh, probably about 3 or 4 years now... at least. The pink suits are definitly all the rage these days. The masks have been retired forever, I believe.

  9. well that's funny, since i have photos of them from a little over a year ago with the masks on. click on the link above, or:


    although i didn't see them at any of the shows they played during cmj.