so no internet for a week sucks. i had a whole great post in mind for halloween, but alas i couldn't get online. regardless there was plenty of blood shed this weekend (i still have to get a lot of it out of my jacket). oh, and of course, what you're really here for:

Bike Kill 3



every time i hit a new location over the past three months of traveling, i was lucky enough to be tipped off to some new music. in seattle my old friend Danny was quick to make sure i had a copy of the new album by The Gris Gris. we also able to check them out at nemo's while i was in town (unfortunately billed together with the ridiculously bad Warlocks). great little band and my new favorite fall record so far. hope you like it as well.

• The Gris Gris - Mary38

buy music, especially independent.

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