so i am going to do something i don't often do. . . make a request for music. i've heard tales of a boston band called Showcase Showdown who put out a christmas 7" with the songs "Ho Ho Ho Chi Min" and "Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman." if anyone could somehow hook me up with these tracks i would be extremely grateful, i'll send you some cover comps or xmas mixes or whatever. let's see what this interweb thing is made of anyway. . .

and in case you didn't guess, i'm working on another annual xmas mix. the theme? holiday songs that don't suck. if anyone has any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. after a couple years of this, my options are starting to run pretty dry. . .



"You've got bad habits, as bad as your skin." damn, ouch. i've wanted to post something from Electrocute for a while now, but as is usually the case, it's hard to keep track of all the gems you come across. anyway, here you go. a little attitude to set you up for your weekend escapades. i see some vacuuming in my future. . . look out fun police.

• Electrocute - Tales Of Ordinary Sadness

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  1. I used to listen to Showcase Showdown in high school!
    Although all that stuff is LP's and 7"s!

    Come hang out on the Empty Vessel tonight and watch a movie with us!
    We're gunna watch The Battle Of Algiers at 8pm.