finding great new music is incredibly difficult for me. most of the music i consider to be ground-breaking or genre-defining was made well before i was born, and the further i dig into the past, the more new music sounds like a rehash of old ideas. there is still good music being made, but it is essentially impossible to pick out of the oceans and oceans of crap that surround it.

hence the importance of sites like this. you get to borrow a music fanatic's time, having them pick out the gems. history filters music in the same way, only passing along the bands which matter. i love to find the things which were left behind.



YMO is the band which helped spark my fascination for old music, but nobody in the states seems to know about/like them. it started when i mistakenly thought ryuichi sakamoto wrote a soundtrack i was interested in, and my subsequent internet search and ebay LP purchases yielded this. by playing the musical version of kevin bacon i discovered krautrock, bossa-nova, ambient, glam... basically all the music i currently adore.

these tracks are both early technopop bliss, with plenty of layered synths and vocoded vocals. and as a nod to the site's founder, one of them is even a cover.

• Yellow Magic Orchestra - La Femme Chinoise

• Yellow Magic Orchestra - Day Tripper

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