so it is done. i started working on curating the exhibition "Street Magic" over a year ago. . . and it is finally done. it was definitely more work than it was fun, but i think it's a pretty damn impressive sampling of street artists that are creating really compelling and important work. so it was worth it. the exhibition will be up for the month of october, if you're in the cleveland area check it out. here's a photo of one of the artists, Brad Downey, speaking about his work after the screening of his documentary "Public Discourse" at the opening last night. many thanks to Brad for making the 8+ hour drive out for the opening (and then having to do the drive again, right after the opening, to be back in nyc for work the next day). and thanks also to Erin, the gallery director, for staying up till 6 am with me every night that we had to in order to pull off the installation in just a few days. and Jake Kelly, this guy did all the stuff i was too tired to do, and for that i am grateful (a few more of his illustrations here). next step? bringing this deal to nyc. . .

so on my first free day in a few weeks, what did i do? pug dog costume contest, yes you read that right. being in ohio makes you enjoy weird things, i swear.



so when i stay at my mom's house in ohio, my bedroom is actually the nook at the top of the stairs. it's not so bad, i have a window that looks out over the neighbor's roof and in the distance you can see the smoke stacks from the nearby power plant. anyway, it's a bit of an odd room nonetheless, and i find my musical tastes get rather poppy when i'm staying here. something about everything being white and beige and soft and new and smelling nice, i think. so for whatever reason, i've been playing this track a lot as of late. a rather new band i think, Cassettes Won't Listen do that dreamy-happy-poppy thing that goes so well with sleeping under the comforter you've had since you were seven.

and look ma, i'm on myspace!

• Cassettes Won't Listen - Cutting Balloons

buy music, especially independent.

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