seattle has been a lot of fun. i've had some great people showing me around. and today not only was i able to enjoy all-you-can-eat-sushi, but i also got to hide from the cops in an abandonded warehouse. it was just like old times again.

and the System Of A Down debate rages on (courtesy of Nick). . .




this is from Nick, who has not been feeling my musical selections as of late. . .

this might not be your scene, but this is my favorite song for tokyo's autumn nights. this is off an out-of-print release, so it should be ok. it was recorded on prestige, which was known for making quick and dirty records so the players could use the fast money to buy heroin. it was probably recorded in one take, by superb players, giving it a sound which is both delicate and raw. miles is barely breathing through a muted trumpet, the drums are brushed so lazily that it sounds like a continuous beat in some places and the piano's waveform clips from the poor tape recorder, all of which combine to give the track a wonderful vintage radio sound. even if you don't post it, i hope you like it.

Miles Davis Quintet (Red Garland(Piano), Paul Chambers(Bass), "Philly" Joe Jones(Drums), John Coltrane (Saxophone), Miles Davis (Trumpet)
"It Never Entered My Mind"
off the LP "Workin' With the Miles Davis Quintet"


p.s. also look out for the bow work on the upright towards the end. so good.

• Miles Davis Quintet - It Never Entered My Mind

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  1. Ok, I'll agree with Nick that the music postings haven't been the best as of late; however, it should be noted that Nick seems to have completely skipped his 20s and moved straight into his "old man" phase of musical taste. Miles Davis is good...really? No sh*t.

  2. Don't even start with me, salaryman.

  3. fucking beautiful song. thanks nick.

  4. i remember a time that this cunting site was a daily.

    it had great pictures fucking back to back to back and a WAY bitter perspective that had a fair amount of "things may be great now, but you assholes just wait and see...." balanced out with "things might suck for you guys but i just saw a band last night that ripped a kitten in half and used the guts to make art rock that actually makes you ejaculate its so revolutionary. oh you missed it? maybe thats because i didnt tell you about it. oops. maybe I'll tell you next time, maybe not."

    oh and the music samples, yeah thats been pretty much a goldmine.

    get off your lazy traveling ass and entertain, Tod.

    I mean what the fuck.


    also, you coming home before saturday?
    bike le fantasique is coming down the pike.

  5. i'd be so shocked if he wasn't back for bike kill

  6. borzu: no doubt, something happened to this fool a year or 18 months ago. maybe japan is making it worse.

    everyone else: tod will be back for bike kill. he's not that lost, yet. woot!