so on my last day in chicago i got into a discussion with an old friend about how System Of A Down is actually not another trashy Nu-Metal band, but rather an interesting and progressive act that has been yoked with the unfortunate Nu-Metal label. he cited things like their minimal cd packaging and title for "Steal This Album", which was the opposite of the expensive and almost excessive packaging of the same album on vinyl (not-so-subtle pro-vinyl stance). to his credit, my friend did have the fact that they choose bands like Hella and The Mars Volta to tour with them. but i'm still skeptical to say the least. anyone out there able to back him up?

oh, and i hit seattle on monday, vancouver after that. anything good going on? i hear Judas Priest may be in vancouver around the same time. . . hmmmm.

and the Bike Kill is coming october 29th. start sharpening your handlebars and digging out your face masks. it's gonna be brutal (as always). lookin' forward to seeing some Cut Throats in action again.



you know what the world has always needed? an electro-pop new wave cover of Minor Threat. this one goes out to Nick (that lil' limp-wristed b*tch).

• The Soft Pink Truth - Out Of Step

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  1. SoaD's no meathead nu-metal band for sure. a lot more creative and intelligent and take themselves a lot less seriously than, say, korn. hahaha. check out toxicity, there's some incredible songs on there.

  2. This song may be worse than atom and his package. at least that kid was obviously joking. I understand you're on the road and everything, but that doesn't mean that I have to suffer for it. How about something that I don't have to appreciate ironically?

    Also, I unexpectedly have to take some time out of my day to set the record straight: System of a Down is gay. Just because they quote Chomsky does not mean they are worth listening to. I can do this as well:

    "There is a noticeable general difference between the sciences and mathematics on the one hand, and the humanities and social sciences on the other. It's a first approximation, but one that is real. In the former, the factors of integrity tend to dominate more over the factors of ideology. It's not that scientists are more honest people. It's just that nature is a harsh taskmaster. You can lie or distort the story of the French Revolution as long as you like, and nothing will happen. Propose a false theory in chemistry, and it'll be refuted tomorrow."

    But you'd be lucky if their lyrics were this coherent. Instead you get "Why don’t presidents fight the war? Why do they always send the poor?" This is to activist music what Avril Lavigne is to hardcore punk.

  3. yeah gay...


    "This is to activist music what Avril Lavigne is to hardcore punk."

    Other than that you are just copy and paste, fucking compelling.

  4. that was kinda the point.

  5. check out waterfall park on pike street in seattle, especially at night, in seattle

  6. A WATERFALL PARK...that is a dream come true : )