i so often forget what a great city chicago is. and everytime i come back i feel like i am impressed all over again. so bike-friendly (and with friendly bike shops too, trying finding that in nyc), mexican food everywhere you turn, thrift stores that might actually have something you want, a nice coastline, cool kids and bars and shows. damn. what more could one ask for? except possibly slightly less extreme summers and winters. . . yeah it probably didn't hurt coming here during some really gorgeous fall weather.



a friend of mine slipped this in to my inbox as the perfect friday jam. not only is it that, but it's also the perfect song for a particular little personal dedication. not going to say much more than that, except that goddamn was ODB a genius. . . oh and you can find more about Rhymefest (aka "Mista Blue Collar") on his webpage.
* i have a feeling my friend who sent this to me probably ran across it on Razorblade Runner. so pay the man a visit, he has better shit than i do anyway.

• Rhymefest feat. ODB- Build Me Up

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  1. did you listen to that before you posted it? that was worse than the song he did with mariah carey.

  2. also, miles davis was a genius. odb is more of an inspired crackhead.

  3. inspired crackhead. . . genius. . . for some, the difference is very slight.

  4. this song is all over the place now--I just posted it, too. fucking great.