so. sucka is still somewhere. but not here. so let this little rattlesnake tell you a little somthing. i have been looking forward to this past monday for awhile. one of my favorite bands were coming to town. all the way from japan. which. as you all know. is far away. so anyway. boris. or shall a say BORIS! may be a contender for one of the best shows i have seen in new york (second to fantomas.). the knitting factory was packed to the ceiling with dudes with beards (ha.) and skinny/fat metal kids and progrssively tuned art noise types intermingled with other music stack crawlers. the ever amazing stoner rock god, wino (st. vitus, the obsessed, probot) and his new band hidden hand opened up. they were dope. but boris. these dudes/dudette were so loud and heavy and powerful and extreme and tight and beautiful and marvellous that they actually produced wind. its true. a moderate breeze was being emitted from the stage. so stella. anyway. these guys are made up of a drummer with a gong. a bassist/guitarist with a double neck guitar/bass. and a female guitarist no more than five feet tall with a orange full stack. awww. yes. i was so blown away i couldn't write about it until now. my night was made extra extreme when i was recognized at the knitting factory as the infamous goddamn rattlesnake. just so happens the dude was a fan. and a super awesome dude. he tipped me off to the boris afterparty. what?!? where?!? cakeshop. shut up. cakeshop!?!? but that is small. and these guys are huge. it just wouldn't work. it would be the like seeing cliff burton era metallica playing in your bathroom. it can't be true. well it was. free beer and boris about four feet away from my ears. i didn't sleep that night. god bless your tiny little japanese hearts. i am forever in debt. more photos here.

the goddamn rattlesnake

post script: i am aparently playing in chinatown. at an afterhours bar. in the basement of a pizza place. that used to be an opium den. it starts at midnight. on friday. corner of mott and kenmare (delancy). brother reverend and the weight (poor boy's other band) and also playing. that is all i know. weird.



so. boris. this is the shortest song of theirs that i own. they have one song called absolutego and it is over an hour long. this one is shorter. it is from the record 'amplifier worship" how sick is that. amplifier worship. yes.

• Boris - Hama

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  1. Jaybird,

    Iambringing a fullbottleofwhiskey forthefuckinglot of ustheivingratbastards.

    Playmusic! Motherfuckthatopiumden apart.

    thankgod I aint got no where else to be for once.


  2. you sure there were more members to that band? your photos seem to indicate it was a female solo act...

  3. oh my g-d. are you the rattlesnake?

    such a fan.

  4. it is quite obvious that there are more members of the band. not only are they mentioned in the text, but they are clearly represented behind the attractive female playing an attractive guitar in front of an attractive amp rig. god. you act like you don't jerk off and think about vintage guitar equipment at same time. weirdo.

  5. heh, i would have done the same thing, i just figured someone needed to call you on it :) that is an attractive stack, though...

  6. I can't download the MP3 because there is the problem with the internet police here on this fine ship I'm on..

    Which album is worth while: I'll pick it up some day when I return..