headline taken from "Young Black Males" by Lee Majors (see mp3 post for more info).

okay, if you ever plan on visiting japan. . . don't come during typhoon season. just a suggestion.



this is a track from Lee Majors, a rapper from college park, maryland. i'll let me friend Nick who turned me on to this resurrected-Tupac casiotone-crucifixion fill you in. . .

ok, so I go to the university of maryland and just in case you didn't know, college park has a thriving hip-hop scene. its centered around everybody's favorite fried chicken restaurant: Cluck-U Chicken, where the "million-dollar man" works (formerly-known-as, i guess, since he's working at a fried chicken place) anyways, everyone knows about Lee, and his serious Tupac mimicry has given him nicknames such as Cluck-U-Pac and 3-Pac. so one blizzard night on campus, a couple of my friends ordered a particularly large order ($30, i think) and got a surprise in the bag: Lee's first 2 albums on a single disc! though everyone knew him, no one had ever actually bothered to listen to his music. we were totally blown away. 2 words: midi beats. it sounds like someone trying to do hardcore gangster rap over the pre-programmed samples from a k-mart toy keyboard. in a song entitled "Ringing The Bells of War," he uses synthesized sleigh bells (ie. "Jingle Bells"); and the track posted, "Let The Horns Blow" features a real synthetic trumpet. Furthermore, Lee is a sort of musical conservationist, using practically the exact same thing to open every song on each album. On the first album this resembles a boom(2)-chick-boom(3)-chick on every song. The second album uses a fake record cut/stop. The genius here is evident, my girlfriend is convinced he's a Picasso. Lee says he's in college park to be in a positive atmosphere, where he can feed off the student's intelligence and ambition. Therefore, the caliber of my school should be reflected by this track. Let me know how much you think my degree will be worth.

* i never said everything on sucka pants would actually be good.

• Lee Majors - Let The Horns Blow

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  1. Posso escrever em português aqui...posso?
    Bom, é só pra dizer que eu gosto mesmo do seu som, apesar de não ir a muitos shows...
    Nunca tive a oportunidade de falar isso diretamente pra vc e a banda, mas mesmo assim!

  2. 全部英語で書いたけど、日本語大丈夫?いいyo!

  3. i done warned you 9 times about the "rainy" season and you kept telling me you did the research, and you knew better.... drink up the tide, son.

    take refuge under a massive shattered and abandoned bagoda or temple. go to Mt Fuji, they are scatterred around there like cambodians have landmines. I did the hunt my first time there. it felt like rashoman and made the entire experience feel that much more surreal. they have those and starbucks at pretty much every corner.

    the rainy season never ends, but at least you missed the humid season, that season kills like texas heat on austin high school football players. 6 or 7 a year just fucking drop dead from trying too hard. pity.

    if you get a chance to email me and i'll send you a couple of my ex girlfriends numbers. I normally wouldnt share such information but you are a stranger in a strange land and they are a hell of a lot of fun, also i dont have to fear for their well being, for even though you are on the up and up and all, if you mis-step these girls will eat you alive. they can show you a strange time. last i heard from them they were still working in the "comfort" industry and making moves like no tomorrow.


  4. leave it to zipco to let you know about starbucks and whores.

    i just want you to take a picture with hello kitty. she is my favorite. i have a toaster of her that puts her face on your toast. and i'm not kidding.

  5. yeah, that's what i get for treating japanese travel agencies as my "research" source. i was only soaked from the waist down all day and had to sleep in an internet cafe (trains were shut down). . . so it could have been worse.

  6. nick, you got a whole lot funnier while you were there. holy shit! see you in a few weeks.