no japan photos yet, sorry. . .

i've been ridiculously busy getting a photo ready for this art show as part of The Bicycle Film Festival in San Fran. if you live out there, you should go. . . you won't be disappointed (gonna have some Swoon action goin' on too). *UPDATE: i was just informed that Amaze and Barry McGee just signed on to contribute work as well. see, i told you that you wouldn't be disappointed.

and just as i am trying to settle down and be glad to be back in the US, this guy reminds me why i left in the first place. and he's not even american. [windows media file]



sometimes even i like to just chill out. sometimes i don't want to listen to frantic punk rock, booty-shakin' hip-hop, or even some manifestation of the mellow singer-songwriter genre. sometimes i just want some down-tempo dreamy pop that holds it up enough to not leave me with droopin' eyelids. Chris Price delivers just that. the comparisons to such bands as Suicide and The Human League quickly come to mind (especially the latter), but i hardly see that as a detraction. it's enough to keep my foot tapping as i lean back in my rickety "desk chair" (can't complain when your furniture comes from the curbside). sometimes a little synth pop is just what the doctor ordered. oh yeah, and shockingly, he's got a myspace profile.

• Chris Price - Charge Me Up

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