japan is cool. not quite as expensive as i was warned (good), although my quest to track down some punk kids has not come to fruition (bad). i see a lot of kids running around looking like they just rolled off of st. marks: Crass shirts, tight black jeans, spikey hair, metal-studded fanny-packs. . . wait a minute. yeah, metal-studded fanny-packs. punk is just another fashion look apparently, Crass may as well be another designer-of-the-month. really weird. i know of course that there have got to be some subversive elements here somewhere, after all you don't end up with bands like Guitar Wolf, DMBQ, Invisible Man's Deathbed and The Boredoms by accident. guess it takes a bit more than walking around staring for a couple days to dig it up. we'll just have to see what happens i guess.

and those that have been emailing me about japan/contacts, much thanks. i hope to have a few pics up eventually, but in case that doesn't happen here are a few portfolios from my trip to brazil.

scene brazil
graffiti brazil
lovefoxxx brazil

and a couple little gems to share with you all. . . anyone who knows what she's saying, leave it in the comments for us non-portuguese speakers. . .

lovefoxxx story 1
lovefoxxx story 2



here's one for all the japanese i see running around from Shibuya with super-blonde hair and strangely-tanned skin (i call them cali-japanese). ya'll kind of creep me out. thanks.

• Nada Surf - Blonde On Blonde

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  1. As I recall, the strengely tanned skin and blonde-haired girls are called ganguro.

  2. Don't, ____ the street ___! You know what I said! Cuz I translated both stories and told you about!
    Casiotone and Metal are runnin' around the house chasing some flying thing!
    Did you made a circle over the globe?

  3. i know, but i thought other people might want to know too. . .

    i`m stuck in the middle of a typhoon right now, and am soaked from my waist down.

  4. she wanted to be friends with this girl when she was little, but the girl wouldn't be her friend because she wore too much red (she wanted to be a cowgirl). so she grew up, and after a long, time ran into the girl again. this time the girl was ugly and boring and wanted to be her friend, but she said no.

    she stayed up all night making art for an exhibition, but when she got there it was bad and she didn't want to show it there (on the black cloth). so she said no, but the person kept asking her. so she finally said she was going to walk around, and when she got back, the person wasn't there. so she left (with her artwork).

  5. hey, i'm cleber's brother (brazilian jay-z), hahaha, and when i read the story about you wandering around slums i thought you were crazy man. you don't do that here, somehow, you survived and your life goes on. brazil is a nice place to live and there are many interesting people to relate to.

    the first video she loved red and wanted to be friends with a girl named simone that rejected her because she used to wear red. when they grew up simone wanted to be friends with her but lovefoxxx rejected her because she was ugly. HAHAHAHAHA

    god, this girl is random and it's kinda funny watching her telling random stories.

    the second one she says that she drew all night long and when she went to the place where she needed to leave the drawings she thought 'this place sucks', so she went to the bathroom trying to find an escape/exit and when the lady went to call a guy she ran away.

    OMG! your blog kicks ass dude.