so japan, let's see:

- typhoons and being stranded in them
- sleeping on local trains and having to transfer every half hour, for 8 hours at a time
- sleeping in internet cafes
- sacred deer that nip at your crotch
- eating horse
- eating squid ink ice cream
- hanging out with brazilian models
- Manuela (the brazilian tornado), punk bar, marker face tattoos, and vomit
- climbing mt. fuji (never again)
- AMAZING bad-english t-shirts (not the best example)
- vending machines every ten feet
- other foreigners always avoiding eye-contact
- the hip-hop homeless man giving his food to the turtles
- no trash cans anywhere in public
- five different types of trash: cans, paper, pet bottles, burnable, non-burnable
- chicory coffee and beignets at the famous New Orlean's landmark Cafe Du Monde. . . in tokyo
- a love motel in a chirstmas theme, with playful santa statues decorating the outside
- watching old folks playing croquet in a small town while waiting for yet another local train transfer
- rice fields, rivers, and roads
- pretending i only spoke portuguese to a "club promoter" so i wouldn't have to tell him why i didn't want to go into his club
- buying boobs from a vending machine
- the weird ganguro girls
- stores where you can buy anything you never knew you wanted, from high-end designer clothes, to anime girl love dolls (the fancy kind, not inflatable), to Black Man brand underwear with the word RAP across them and a picture of a Fred Durst-looking dude
- chopping the tip of my finger off in a chair in an internet cafe (yes, i did hurt myself in an internet cafe, what about it?)
- white girls dressing up with the costume girls in harajuku
- having my umbrella stolen, in a typhoon
- being popular with the fish market workers because of my tattoo
- constantly getting stared at hard in public because of my tattoo
- dropping in on a kickboxing gym
- trying to figure out how to break in to an outdoor pool
- Manuela singing along with the homeless harmoinca man
- getting threatened by a homeless man in ueno park
- sneaking into the fancy hotel at shibuya crossing
- shopping malls upon shopping malls upon shopping malls
- taking two hours to walk two train stops
- "jumping the turnstiles"
- old ladies hunched at a ninety-degree angle from picking rice
- america town in osaka resembling greenwich village
- women only subway cars
- men so stylish they look like women
- boiling sexual repression in food commercials
- being considered very unattractive by japanese standards
- Manuela helping the drunk businessman passed out in the street
- blisters and torn shoes
- real japanese school girls
- sushi on a conveyor belt
- ordering uni, and regretting it
- my friends landlord, the japanese Marx Brother
- always looking for the cracks in the facade
- being treated well
- the toothless homeless man who made a string toy for the kittens hanging out with him. . . i have never seen a happier person, ever
- eating fast food for the first time in years
- hanging laundry on a serene rooftop at night
- trying to understand a culture based on insecurity and consumerism
- listening to M.I.A., The Arcade Fire, and Sleater-Kinney on the in-flight radio station

oh, and i can't resize photos here. so any pics from japan will have to wait till i am back home (and homeless) in brooklyn.



this is a track from the new album by Cage. as i listened to this, i saw the entire song played out by a combination of a girl i used to know from college, and an ex-girlfriend. it was an odd if not potentially devastating pairing. i think denziens of nyc will especially appreciate this, i certainly do.

• Cage - Scenester

buy music, especially independent.


  1. i can't tell if those things are all good, all bad, or alittle of both, but regardless, i am happy you are home.

    now i can stop trying to approach bald men throughout brooklyn going, "tod? nevermind." (i rarely wear my glasses)

  2. wait how did i not nitice that you psted for 2 days?
    maybe i forgot how to refresh?

  3. ayaka thinks you are attractive, if that's any consolation. hope you're back and safe in brooklyn. (safe being a relative term, since compared to me you're home might as well be in baghdad) keep reppin' ikebukuro no sunshine in your custom jeans, son.

  4. worst song from the cage album you selfish bastard.

  5. that's funny, i could have sworn it was the single from the new album.