howdy. this here is the infamously handsome g.d. rattlesnake signing on and taking the reins of this world wide web roving caravan while my boy sucka is battling samurai in the hills of japan. think of this post as a great big handshake.
we shall talk again soon.
g.d. rattlesnake


some people are just better than others. it's true. they look better. walk better. sing better. drink better. smell better. they are just better. there are not many of these people walking around. but once in awhile two of them meet. and then they write songs and start a band and put on the best goddamn show you ever done saw. ladies and gentlemen. allow me to proudly introduce. the reverend joseph royale on the voice. the ever beautiful freakout jones on the music. together. being better than you and i. The Lonesome Doves.

• The Lonesome Doves - Rough Day

buy music, especially independent.


  1. g.d.r. you are truely one of the most eloquent men i know. if not the most.

  2. g.d. rattlesnake9/11/2005 8:53 PM

    eloquent means really good looking right?

  3. post that whole cunting album. not just the damn tracks off their myspace you rotten summabitch.

    for the record, they are my favorite band only second to the fistfucking ferocity of amanda noa. 'Noa gave me ulcers in my throat and made me want to hide back up inside my mom when i heard that they stopped (for the time being) making music.

  4. You guys are some real good dudes. It is a pleasure to hear that you guys enjoy the music so much. It means a lot to us. Hope to see you guys soon.

    -J. Royale

  5. g.d. rattlesnake9/13/2005 6:26 PM

    joey. i only posted your music in a shameless attempt to get in your pants. did it work?

  6. i hope you two talented bastards make some ugly fucking kids together. they are going to cut their way out of your conjoined womb with a trenchknife, hungry for sweet death.

    by the by, when the hell are we going to see another show featuring the drunken theiving lonesome rattlesnakes from hell?

    you guys put on a show and i missed it. i almost ate a perfectly good gun and painted the walls with a perfectly good back of my skull.

    play the motherfucking hits!

    god damn whiskey for all,