so i have some photos in this show opening in soho on the 31st. it´s a small group show, but the work is big. you should come by the opening, i´ll be there in the small 24-hour window between brazil and japan (i know, cry for me). but i can be pretty funny and a bit off when jet-lagged, so it´ll probably be worth your while.

We are pleased to announce BROOKLYN SHAKERS at Wooster Arts Space in Soho, a group exhibition featuring painting and photography by Jaishri Abichandani, Eric Ayotte, Lisa di Donato, Jon Elliott, Gwenessa Lam, Tod Seelie and curated by Kathleen Smith.
August 31 - October 1.

Please join us Wednesday, August 31, from 6 to 8 pm, for the artist's reception at 147 Wooster Street between Houston and Prince Streets, 212-777-6338.

Afterparty @ Mangiami, 9 Stanton Street, between Bowery and Chrystie. Appetizers provided. Cash only bar. Djs spinning.

* oh yeah, anyone want to dj? there´s a slot available and i forgot my address book.

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  1. the only reason i showed you up with the boobs is because i have them.
    it would be weird if you had boobs.

    i wear a ladies 7. or a eurpoean 37. i don't know what brazilian size. and the flag ones would rule. but don't feel like you need to bring them for me.
    i am just gonna be happy to see your face.
    yay tod!