(they were just pissed cause he outsmarted them. . . too bad he couldn't outrun them.)

so today is link day.

new music video made by street artists Faile. . . and Time Magazine provides a caucaphony of quotes on graffiti in conjunction with their latest ad in soho. both courtesy of Wooster Collective

Nike's Letter of apology for ripping off Minor Threat and Discord. see the offending poster over at Deteriorate.

Interactive pics of your friendly nyc bike messengers, via the New York Times.

Dead Boys, Gorilla Biscuits, Against Me!, Thursday, more to perform at CBGB's this August, as part of the efforts to save the seminal punk club from destruction/gentrification. (let's hope this turns out better than the williamsburg waterfront did.)

oh yeah, and don't forget Grub or Big Blue Kickball this sunday.



got the white label of this track yesterday in the mail, damn i like it. i'm going to just copy some pieces of the (kinda lame) promo statement and save myself some trouble (it was a laaaate one last night).
"Rev Run (baptized Joseph Simmons) is one of the creative minds that pioneered the sound of the legendary Run-DMC releasing albums like 'King Of Rock' and 'Raising Hell' that are considered classics in the genre today... Run-DMC changed the sound of rap by simultaneously being more street and rock 'n' roll than any of their contemporaries. Featuring Run's powerful voice, hard rocking beats and an electric guitar energy reminiscent of Run-DMC classics like "Rock Box" and "Walk This Way," "Mind on the Road" is the perfect track to..." (i just can't bring myself to post the rest).
it's a great track, having a lot of the same feel, energy, and elements that made Run-DMC the powerhouse they are. add it to your summer-jam playlist NOW.

• Rev Run - Mind On The Road

buy music, especially independent.


  1. that's an old pic of rambo. thank g-d he ain't around no mo'.

  2. he seems to be getting up an awful lot recently to not be around anymore. . .

    and yes, that is an old pic of rambo, glad i was there to take it. although i would think someone affiliated with the Wooster Collective would have a bit more tact than to go around identifying graffiti artists.

  3. The Minor Threat/Nike thing is a bit overblown. Nike isn't the first company to profit from using Minor Threat images and they won't be the last. I remember how pissed I got when Nike used The Stooges "Raw Power" in a commercial, but that's just how it goes. Like it or not, we live in a capitalistic society where everyone wants to make a buck. I respect Ian Mackaye and everything he stands for, but nothing's sacred anymore.

  4. yeah, corporate rip-offs are nothing new. . . but it's when you just shrug your shoulders and lay down that it gets bad. someone's always going to be trying to get over on someone else, but that doesn't mean you should let them. if you've got something worth protecting, then bother to lift a finger. it's apathy that facilitates this type of crap.

  5. um, are you calling me tactless?

  6. um, why are you trying to be a dick? i can be discreet when i want to be, but who really cares about protecting the identity of rambo. he's clearly not one who tries to lay low, 'specially around authorities.

  7. i am not trying to be a dick. i just don't think it is appropriate for you or anyone else to decide when and where to sacrifice someone's identity just because you don't like them. when this photo was taken it appeared on many different websites, such as gawker, where people probably did know who it was, but did not identify him. there is a certain level of responsibility that comes with knowing the identity of street/graffiti artists. . . and respecting their wishes to remain anonymous is part of it. that is why i was surprised that someone associated with the Wooster Collective would seem to ignore this so easily. it's not a question of whether or not you like someone, but rather respect and understanding for the culture in general.

  8. i apologize for naming the afore-imaged person. though i want to add that there was nothing in my original comment that would have made it known to the general public that he was a graff dude to begin with.

  9. i guess i'm chiming in kinda late here. i find it difficult sometimes when you are friends with ppl who make street art or graffiti and put up pics of them. i think it's important to be as discreet as possible, though it's really easy to slip up, especially when you want to give their work props/links but you can't associate the work they create with their picture. And different artists have varying degrees of comfort with this issue. anyway, i'm pretty sure rambo is in nyc now unless he left town in the last few days. seen the billboard on the wburg bridge? he went over "make fuck not war" the other day.

  10. this will be my last comment: i will state directly that i have the utmost respect for the 'culture' and understand all the etiquette and protection and rights therein. but i also have the right to express my personal opinion about an individual, regardless of what 'culture' he may or may not be active. and all i did was name him, whereas you were the one to actually 'blow up his spot' though you then turned around and got angry at me for it.. i'm deading this. sorry for bothering to post at all.

  11. personal opinions are always welcome.

    discression (when appropriate) is appreciated.

    no one's angry, just discussing.