soooooo. . . i'm skippin' town. for a while (a month+ at least). i leave early next week, and posting may get pretty erratic depending on computer access. however, i am hopeful that some other friends will be picking up some of my slack. The Goddamn Rattlesnake has signed on, James Stache is collecting amazing music and stories while riding his bike all over europe, and perhaps there will be some double-team posts from brazil. who knows. hopefully it will be pretty interesting. relatedly, anyone have any interesting stories, tips, and places to check out in brazil? throw them my way, i'm gonna be there for a bit.



so Covers Compilation #2 continues today. same deal as the last one. all tracks are unidentified, you have to match up the artist, with the song, with the original artist. some are easy, some are tricky, but if you have been a loyal sucka pants reader you may find that you have some pretty good clues already. so download the tracks, listen to them, then look at the song list on the insert of the cd (available below) and try and match them up. when it's all done, you should have a pretty decent cover song compilation. so then burn it, print out the cd artwork, and put it all together. . . thank you, you just saved me a whole lot of work.



- insert outside (cover) [web] [print]
- insert inside (song list) [web] [print]

buy music, especially independent.

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  1. is this the good-bye-see-you-soon-suckapants.com post? Shit! it's closer than I thought!
    In são paulo you should go to an indian place called gopala! Freshhhh food, roses juices and cheap! oh yeah, you should come with me! La la la!