i love it when people have good stories. and no one really tops the S.T.R.E.E.T.S. kids. like how on tour their roadie flipped out of the loft bed in the van, and landed on a jar of peanut butter. a glass jar of peanut butter. that broke. apparently the "yawning" wound was so deep that the physician said he could fit his entire index finger inside. but that's just kind of gross. the real topper i heard was how mr. johnny and mike took mushrooms and then decided it would be fun to climb into the trunk of a compact, close it, and drink beers. only johnny had the only set of keys. and the shrooms were kicking in hard. there probably could have been a pretty bad end to the story, with two guys found days later with 24 empty beers and massively pissed pants. but instead mike eventually freaked out and started flailing and accidentally hit the emergency release cable inside. it's probably good that it was some new rental car that actually had one of those things. keep that in mind for the next time you get kidnapped.



R. L. Burnside. goddamn. this man has stories. go read his bio at the link above. you should really know who you're listening to to appreciate this. if nothing else, appreciate the genre-meshing of this track.

• R. L. Burnside - Goin' Down South

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  1. nice title sucka. ain't nothing like life being on the up and up.