Si si. A friend of mine once told me a small story that I don't know why, always comes around my thoughts. He was at his spanish class and he said "estoy con mierda" instead "miedo", miedo is fear and mierda is shit. I now relate this story when I was 8 and was makin' a performance at class about our planet moviment around the sun. I said out loud "it's transação", but it's "transLAção" and "transa" is a word that fits for "sex". Allright. I have a question. Do you get depressed when some weird people contact you on these friendsters thing? And they send you a message tellin' everything about them? And pictures usually are indoor and shirtless with ugly lightning and walls? I get depressed. I can't even make fun and ask if they were on the straight gaydar. I hate these straight people. HATE.



You all should check this delicious mexican label Nuevos Ricos... I would. But I've been there so right now I won't.
And since that "Miedo" Story is from Tod, I should offer this mp3 for him to make up for that trauma. Also cuz he'll be right here where I am in few days! And who knows? We could make a dance coreography and dance to this song! Together in tight clothes! Performing in the balcony for all the street to watch... that would be so incredible!

•  Maria Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser - Miedo

buy music, especially if you want to make it in a package and address it for me.

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  1. i thank you for explaining how i can finally express my need to take "fearshits" but what does the rest of the sentence say?

    and i am happy and proud that it was a story from our ouw lil toddles.
    (i know its one d, butwhen you say toddles its with two.)

    i love it when people guest host this fucker. its like everyone taking turns trying to fly the plane after the pilot's heart explodes out of his chest. (stress gets to the best of us.)

    send pics of tod in exciting brazilian festive gear, there just arent enough pictures of our boy smiling.