from the Wrestle Mania Party at East End Bar the other night

i was just at the Hightower show/party at The Bowl in greenpoint, and i have to say i can't remember the last time i was surrounded by so many beautiful girls and so many smelly guys. like peanut butter and jelly, they always end up together.

anyone know the number of arrests from friday's critical mass? i didn't see any but heard there were some sneaky moves being pulled by the nypd. . . like popping out from between parked cars to nab riders. aside from that, there needs to be a lot more solidarity next month. the ride kept splitting up arbitrarily, some individuals thought that people were getting spooked easily about possible cops lying in wait. but you only make it worse when you drop your numbers from 200 to 30. talk about easy pickins. safety/power in numbers, people, large numbers.



so Covers Compilation #2 continues today. same deal as the last one. all tracks are unidentified, you have to match up the artist, with the song, with the original artist. some are easy, some are tricky, but if you have been a loyal sucka pants reader you may find that you have some pretty good clues already. so download the tracks, listen to them, then look at the song list on the insert of the cd (available below) and try and match them up. when it's all done, you should have a pretty decent cover song compilation. so then burn it, print out the cd artwork, and put it all together. . . thank you, you just saved me a whole lot of work.



- insert outside (cover) [web] [print]
- insert inside (song list) [web] [print]

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  1. dude, are you gonna post the answers to what is what or what? i'm going nuts with some of these!

  2. yeah i've been waiting for a couple of music nerds to step up to the challenge. . . but everyone seems to be sleeping on this one. hopefully someone out there has what it takes. . .

  3. give us one for the road my boy.

  4. Ooooh! A challenge! Here's what I know (and I think I've spotted some problems in your list, to boot!)

    Ramones-Somebody to Love-Jeff Airplane
    Johnny Cash-Hurt-NIN
    AC/DC-JBGoode-Chuck Berry
    Pedro-Fade Into You-Mazzy Star
    Motorhead-Blue Suede Shoes-Elvis-BUT THIS SHOULD BE CARL PERKINS, I believe
    Crooked Fingers-When U Were Mine-Prince
    Flaming Lips-Head-Minogue
    Leatherface-Ship Song-Waits BUT THIS SHOULD BE NICK CAVE?
    Detroit Cobras-Bad Man-?
    Douggpound-Talking in your sleep-Romantics

    ALSO; Cadillac Thrills-I don't know who does the ocver, but the original is not Jay, it is Ludacris.

    And are you sure Hit Me Baby One More Time isn't Travis Morrison?

    Hit me back. Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. see you at union picnic at 8:30pm. and union pool at 9:30pm.

  6. yep. the cadillac thrills is ludacris. i changed that on the insert after making the first batch last year, but must have grabbed the older file to make these. doh.

    and the hit me baby one more time isn't travis morrison. i bought the album this is on just for the one song. and it came out a while ago, before travis started his little solo deal.

    and yeah, the ship song should be nick cave. . . and blue suede shoes should be carl perkins. i have no idea how i let those slip by. crap. i was sloppy a year ago when this only went to about a dozen people. apologies.

    and i think i better fix it.

  7. Your punishment is that you should tell me who the fuck is doing hit me baby one more time. Out of all the ones I can't name, I like that one and the one where the guy sings "I ain't no goddamn sonovabitch" the best.

  8. fair enough. . .

    hit me baby one more time is by Scott Richter. and i know nothing more about him. . . except that the rest of his album is not very good.