beach day 2005 was very very nice. long island is always a mind-f*ck. so close to the city, yet so weird and different. next time i have to remember to turn over at some point to not get the burnt-toast one-sided tan again.

the vice party was crazy crowded, and almost fun till i got 86'ed for trying to break up a fight with who turned out to be the drunk/crazed owner of the place. good times.



so Covers Compilation #2 continues today. same deal as the last one. all tracks are unidentified, you have to match up the artist, with the song, with the original artist. some are easy, some are tricky, but if you have been a loyal sucka pants reader you may find that you have some pretty good clues already. so download the tracks, listen to them, then look at the song list on the insert of the cd (available below) and try and match them up. when it's all done, you should have a pretty decent cover song compilation. so then burn it, print out the cd artwork, and put it all together. . . thank you, you just saved me a whole lot of work.



- insert outside (cover) [web] [print]
- insert inside (song list) [web] [print]

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  1. yeah that was pretty crazy when the guy grabbed you and tried to physically remove you with his little german arms and couldnt, then the door guy had to walk over and ask you to "just leave man, just go."

    well maybe you shouldnt have screamed "pop the fucking widows with a rock and lets steal that shitbox!" into the german owners face. oh wait, that was me.

    (nah im just kiddin around, it was cool that you came out in solidarity and chilled out front. fuck that kraut bastard. ive got some good scratches and bruises from him freaking out. you think i should sue? )