blah, the mac store has had my computer since tuesday. even though i went over it with the "genius" and waited 3.5 hours while he ran the same tests i'd already done, it's taken them almost a full week to zero the drive and/or replace it. damn. so that's why posts (and email for that matter) have been scarce. when i get my shit rolling there should be a lil update from the Todd P. parking lot show on saturday. in the meantime i give you some of the writing on the wall. . . from brooklyn.



so Covers Compilation #2 continues today. same deal as the last one. all tracks are unidentified, you have to match up the artist, with the song, with the original artist. some are easy, some are tricky, but if you have been a loyal sucka pants reader you may find that you have some pretty good clues already. so download the tracks, listen to them, then look at the song list on the insert of the cd (available below) and try and match them up. when it's all done, you should have a pretty decent cover song compilation. so then burn it, print out the cd artwork, and put it all together. . . thank you, you just saved me a whole lot of work.



- insert outside (cover) [web] [print]
- insert inside (song list) [web] [print]

buy music, especially independent.

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