so i told ya'll to go see Black Mountain when they came through a while ago. they played at Asterisk for like less than 80 people. it was a killer performance (even if marred by drunk-stage-diving accidents) and people had this "holy crap" look on their face as they left with their hair still in it's blown-back position. why am i saying all of this? because Black Mountain has just been chosen to tour with stadium-sized band Coldplay. that's right, next time you get to see this amazing act, it will be from the nose-bleed section and they will be like ants on stage. sucks for you.

now, believe it or not, i'm not just saying this to be a snarky asshole. i am trying to get you to heed my next bit of info with the appropriate seriousness. my prayers have been answered, and The S.T.R.E.E.T.S. are going on a lengthy US tour. regardless of the fact that both Black Mountain and The S.T.R.E.E.T.S. are buddies and everything, they both will melt your face with the amazing-ness of their rock. i posted an mp3 from The S.T.R.E.E.T.S. a while ago, but you're going to have to dig through the archives to find it (it is still active). so do yourself a favor, go see them when they hit anywhere within a days drive of you. in fact, do everyone you know a favor and go. . . that way they won't have to listen to you whining and crying for months afterward when you realize what you missed. okay? damn baby.

(S.kating T.otally R.ules E.verything E.lse T.otally S.ucks)

15 June tacoma - hells kitchen
16 June Seattle - funhouse
17 June Portland - the paragon
18 June Portland - sabalas
19 June Eugene - la sous soul
20 June Sacramento - ?
21 June bay area - ?
22 June oakland - auto gallery with hightower
23  June nevada city - with hightower
24 June San Francisco - thee parkside
25 June orange county - some loft party place with the peppermints
26 June ventura - the Livery Theater plus daytime skatepark show
27 June San Diego - scholary's office with tiltwheel with the peppermints
28 June Tucson - all ages space with the peppermints
29 June Albuquerque - ? 
30 June Tulsa - $100 taco with the peppermints
1 July ok city - green door.
2 July austin - ?
3 July little rock - ?
4 July new orleans - dixie tavern
5 July - chattannooga - tom footes
6 July - greensboro - with Crimson Spectre and the peppermints
7 July dc - house show with the peppermints
8 July Philadelphia  - with mcrad
9 July NY  -  AT LLANO ESTACADO IN BROOKLYN with the peppermints
10 July NY -  BOOKED AT ROTHKO IN NYC + manny's house at night with the peppermints
11 July NY -  day off maybe
12 July NY - day off maybe
13 July NY - day off maybe
14 July NY - @ the cakeshop
15 July Cleveland - pats in the flats with the peppermints
16 July Detroit - house party at Anarchist House with the peppermints
17 July Chicago - at the texas ballroom
18 July Minneapolis - ? 
19 July Omaha - house show with the peppermints
20 July Denver - monkey mania with the peppermints
21 July Boise - house show with the peppermints
22 July Seattle - ?
23 July Vancouver - cobalt with the peppermints
24 July Victoria - lucky bar with the peppermints

* and mad props to my roommate, Jay. he gets cut off by some motorcycle on his ride to work, and has to stop so fast he flies over his handle bars. he is able to land on his hands and feet just fine. . . until his bike hits him in the back of his head. so he's got this gusher of a head wound, and who should roll up to see if he's okay? Mike D, as in The Beastie Boy's Mike D. and what does Jay say? "would you like to check my head?" it takes timing and finesse to pull that shit off, and Jay is a man who can do it. so anyway, three staples later from a stoned-ass doctor who told him to steal a staple-remover because he can't give it to him but it's better than coming back and waiting in the ER again. . . Jay is okay. and he made a Beastie Boys joke to a Beastie Boy. not bad for your morning commute.



i need to cheer the f*ck up. so here's a random song that has come floating across my itunes a few times recently. it's not TOO happy, not TOO bouncy, not TOO cute. . . but it's pretty damn close. you should just listen to it and smile. pretend your in a new John Hughes film if you need an excuse.

• Hellogoodbye - Call N Return (Say That You're Into Me)

buy music, especially independent.


  1. that was pretty fast for someone who just crashed the head.
    This would be so necessary:
    "would you like to check my head?"
    "Tum,tum,tum,tá,ptchhhh" - sound of the drums after a joke.

  2. amazing story!!!!!!!!


  3. remember you posted something on suckapants and the tittle was "back with a smack"? I'm writin' a lyric for CSS and that fitted so good, can I use it?

  4. yes you can, just because you asked and didn't "borrow" like most people. thank you.

  5. I know this pisses you off like hell... it brings my rage to the red level too...I made a song about this when I was with black wings