heading out of town for a bit now, my other lil' sis is graduating in chicago. so pardon the lack of posts, but maybe ya'll get lucky and a certain brazilian foxxx will pay a visit.

since i am not here this weekend, i haven't payed any attention to what is going on. however there is a show tonight that would be worth checking out. a little bit prog, a little bit math, a little bit noise, a little bit intense drum circle, a whole lot of good.

- two awesome parties at two awesome art loft spaces in the Williamsburg Southside - both featuring the Convocation Of - with ex members of Moss Icon, Universal Order of Armageddon, Great Unraveling, Red Scare, and Born Against.

<> Friday June 10th @ NARCHITECT CASTLE (formerly MIGHTY ROBOT)

:: the Convocation Of ----> x Born Against, Moss Icon, Great Unravelling
:::: Aa / BIG A little a
:::::: Zs -------------------> Troubleman Unlimited Records
:::::::: Coptic Light -------> Storm & Stress, Bitch Magnet, Antioch Arrow

[ NARCHITECT HOUSE ] … formerly known as 'Mighty Robot'
401 Wythe Ave btwn S 6th & Broadway | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L-Bedford/G-Broadway/JM-Marcy | all ages | doors 8pm | $7 - donation

<> Friday June 10th **LATE** - STARTS AT 12AM @ GLASSHOUSE

:: the Convocation Of -----> x Born Against, Moss Icon, Great Unraveling
:::: Bellmer Dolls ----------> x Great Unraveling, Love Life, Angels of Light
:::::: Cause for Applause -> x the Boggs, Knoxville Girls, Boys Life

38 S 1st btwn Wythe & Kent | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L-Bedford/G-Metropolitan/JM-Marcy | **12AM** | all ages | $5 - donation

courtesy of Todd P.



so i'm just going to cop out today and post a track from one of the bands playing tonight, double-headliners The Convocation Of... . this track is pretty old (2000?), but i don't have anything off their last album. it's pretty damn good, back in college i used to put this on almost every mix tape i made for a while. if you like it, check out one/both of the shows tonight, i don't think they play very often.

• The Convocation Of... - Recognize

buy music, especially independent.


  1. am I screwin' with the right space for the tittles? cuz this one was too long... that 1px white thing at the first picture from my post is annoyin' but now I am too lazy to upload again... sorry tod!
    does your dad means the box from the toys? the ones wich smells like childhood?

  2. my dad was talking about that phrase "think outside of the box." he was saying that sometimes he wished he could get back in the box. . . he looked tired and kind of sad when he said it.

  3. This band's name is pretty good by the way.