like i said yesterday, "Freak Da Tables" this wednesday being brought to you by Moustache Rider DJ Pussy. (wow, that's a lot of sexual innuendo in one sentence) this girl throws down just what you need to get that booty-bounce goin' nice and strong. and she is possibly the sexiest thing behind two turntables in nyc. now you get a weekly chance to make the sweat = sex conversion and learn dirty things that would make your momma cry. . . oh yeah, and dance a lot too.



so i kind of feel like i need to make up an excuse to post this. it's not hot and dirty dance music, it's not crazy shredding thrash punk, it's not even a chill summer jam. admittedly it is not overtly season-appropriate. but whatever, it's for those quiet sunday mornings where you have a bit of that hit-by-a-train feeling from the weekend and still have to get moving. . . just slowly. it's a track from Regina Spektor's latest album, Soviet Kitsch. it's fun, it's catchy, it's playful, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. i could draw some parallels with the title and/or lyrics to this, that, or the other thing. . . but i'll just leave that all up to you. maybe i just really love hearing someone chanting "you're so goddamn young" in my head after my recent birthday.

• Regina Spektor - Poor Little Rich Boy

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  1. dustbin. you ARE so young. i got the braided candle to show it.

  2. I got excited cause i thought there was a second sucka posting in one day and then I realized that recently there has been some gang related activity on this site.

    it was the fact that the title was still amazin that had me checking and double chekin the posted by name.

  3. I like one regina's tune that she makes some weird sounds with her mouth, like "trrrrrr" "brrrrrrrr" and the intro one..."regina... regina..." (whispered)... when you listen to her and close ur eyes it's like she's playin' in ur livin' room.

  4. i dunno if anyone, not you or me or this brazilian can possibly touch sucka's titling skills. i mean the kid's like straight channeling holzer.

  5. yo antler: I don't know what a channeling holzer is, but yeah... Sucka should write rap lyrics.
    Sucka.. check this RMX out... you just posted this song few weeks ago right?

  6. yeah i posted the original track a while back. . . but it seems like everything Ratatat touches turns to an even brighter gold.