Poor Boy Johnson performing at Trash Bar this past tuesday. apparently the headliners, No Things (ex-Liars) didn't end up hardly playing at all cause they got into a fight with the sound guy (who was a bit of a jerk). oh well. forget Rock-n-Roll, it's all about Death Country now.

for those of you who didn't come to Freak Da Tables last night, it was fun. great music, a mini-booty dance floor, and naked-lady art everywhere. not bad for a balmy wednesday night.

and i just got a report that another biker was killed by a truck on 5th ave in park slope this morning. it just seems like lambs to the slaughter sometimes. why should you be able to take a life and just shrug it off as "oops, it was an accident." why does carelessness and ineptitude behind the wheel exempt you from manslaughter? why are cyclists considered to be acceptable casualties of rush hour? why do people think it is some god-given right to operate a vehicle, no matter how badly, and not be held accountable? oh right. . . cyclists are considered "other" by the powers that be. duh.



my roommate turned me on to the Two Gallants. they hail from san fran, but sound more like something conjured up from the old west meeting the delta blues. the duo are both about 22, but their music shows them to be emotionally wise beyond their years. They have a rich use of narrative and seem able to channel the spirit of a wayward hobo at times. good stuff. and actually, i will defer to this great review in Pitchfork to say all the things i'm stumbling over here.

• Two Gallants - Nothing To You

• Two Gallants - You Losin' Out

• Two Gallants - Settin' The Woods On Fire

buy music, especially independent.


  1. ugh, yeah, one of my coworkers saw that shit biking to work this morning, said it was 'extremely disturbing'. there but for the grace of god go us - I really need to get a helmet...


  2. yeah, helmets are good. i started wearing mine religiously again after this happened to my roommate:

    and mad props to my roommate, Jay. he gets cut off by some motorcycle on his ride to work, and has to stop so fast he flies over his handle bars. he is able to land on his hands and feet just fine. . . until his bike hits him in the back of his head. so he's got this gusher of a head wound, and who should roll up to see if he's okay? Mike D, as in The Beastie Boy's Mike D. and what does Jay say? "would you like to check my head?" it takes timing and finesse to pull that shit off, and Jay is a man who can do it. so anyway, three staples later from a stoned-ass doctor who told him to steal a staple-remover because he can't give it to him but it's better than coming back and waiting in the ER again. . . Jay is okay. and he made a Beastie Boys joke to a Beastie Boy. not bad for your morning commute.

  3. samanthalynnakatroublebrass6/09/2005 4:58 PM

    hey t-
    did you see the new issue of "the believer".
    its the music issue.
    it comes with a cd of bands doing covers of what they are listening to currently. (like the decemberists coverinig joanna newsome).

    but the two gallants are on it also. big ups to them.

    k. that's all.


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  5. THANK YOU for bringing my boys some much needed attention!


    great show posted on the internet archives


  6. Your posts have been gold lately
    saul williams, mika bomb and now this!! You are on FIRE boy. Keep it up and I may have to marry you.

  7. yeah dude, I totally read/linked that shit, AMAZING, retold it at least 2-3 times myself, it's a great story. weirdly enough my housemate's g/f said that they were sitting next to Mike D in a restaurant earlier that evening... well, maybe the night before, we had a hard time synching up our anecdotes, but, still. anyway, getting a helmet this w-end hopefully. just started raining, wondering if I'm gonna get to ride to work today :/

  8. brant said...

    yo sucka... been following the 'ol blog now for a couple weeks, and really dig it.

    since i see that you're plugging bands from my hood, i gotta ask... how do you do it? I really want to start posting songs, but can't figure it out.

    little help?

  9. yeah, sure. . .

    if you don't have a dedicated server at your disposal, use youshareit.com to upload your mp3 file. then just write the link they give you into your post. your "customers" will have to go through a few extra clicks, and the file will expire after 10 days/100 downloads, but all in all not a bad deal for free. hopefully that should get you goin'.