drawings by Jason Sho Green, you can see more of his sketches here. (if that second drawing didn't get him laid, there is something wrong with this world.)

uh, i am taking fridays off for the month of june ("mental health days"), so end-of-the-week posting may be spotty at best. tune in on thursday for your weekend rundown, or just check it friday. . . whatever. you're a big girl, you can make your own decisions.

* friday =

Poorboy Johnson & The Goddamn Rattlesnake
The Lonesome Doves
Buzz Buzz Tabernacle
Jasmine Dream Wagner
Jenny Owens Young
Osei Essed

friday. june 3rd. 7pm.
apocalypse lounge.
189 east 3rd st. (btwn A & B).

these apocalypse shows are always amazing. bunch of
good acts. we go on late. preceeded by my new
favorite band The Lonesome Dove. these guys should
play danzigs funeral. they have a song about fuckin
camanches! and make sure you stay (good and drunk)
for the almighty O'DEATH!

also friday =

Acoustic Punk Nite with
Jimmy Cousins (New Orleans)
Jonny "The Corndawg" Fritz
Eli (Ground Monkeys)
Geordi's Visor (Philly)

Friday June 3rd 8pm
Donations will be taken

Cinders Gallery
103 Havemeyer st. (btwn Hope and Grand)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

* sunday =

Grub at 7 pm, brought to you by Toyshop Collective.


Big Blue Kickball in McKarren Park, Williamsburg. . . 9:30 pm till ? get drunk, run around, fall down, yell a lot, play kickball. what more do you want?



do you remember "slow jams?" i do, sort of. now this song is not a slow jam, but if all the good parts of summer in nyc were distilled into sonic form this is what it might sound like. which is what every slow jam should aspire to. i think.

sippin' lemonade in front of the old metal oscillating fan watching kids play in the hydrant on the street while your lady is getting dressed post-coital before hopping the F train together headed to coney island to go get sticky.

you know, that summer.

• Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness

buy music, especially independent.


  1. why the F train? you live in bushwick.

  2. because the F train is the one that goes to coney island.

  3. so does the q, right? it's tough to get to the F from the L to be perfectly honest. in any case, it was a beautiful scene you set.

  4. i got people looking for all kinds of girls:
    01 Jun, Wed, 13:08:39 Google: antlered girls
    01 Jun, Wed, 19:56:59 Google: girls in spandex
    01 Jun, Wed, 23:15:46 Google: girls with udders

  5. HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. haha! does this remark:

    you're a big girl. you can make your own decisions.

    mean you acknowledge that the antlered lady is your only reader?

  7. ouch, poor sucka. i am not his only reader, there are at least 200 or so others on any given day, but! he does try to scoop my fucking weekend plans reduxes with this rundown crap he's started doing. as if listing's isn't my territory. i guess we do go to all the same shit after all.

  8. hah! i know this, but i like, nay, have to give the t-o-d a hard time. it's just tough love. i don't know though...200 readers and they all keep their heads pretty far down. and there's nothing poor about sucka besides his hygiene. ouch again. i'll stop. really. sorry.