Hello everyone!
I once introduced myself and here's part II.
I'm in a band that is growin' as I post this. It all started like an excuse to meet and drink, maybe that's why there's 8 person together on it... We've never spected anything from this band so we named it with a silly name (Cansei de ser Sexy/Tired of being sexy)(oh yeah... quoted from a Beyonce's interview)...and even like this, you know... being silly, wearin' pijamas and writin' music for Paris Hilton, we've played for 5000 people at the same stage from Kraftwerk, hanged out with Bobby Gillespie AND just signed with one AMAZING Record label in Brasil who are sweethearts and gives us total control of everything & anything we do!
Our first HIT was this music "Meetin' Paris Hilton" that lots of people relate with "Paris Hilton" from Mu. I honestly like my track better and don't think it should be related just cuz the tittle's there's the same person involved. It's pretty damn different. But I do like the way she dances like a chicken (not Paris, Mu).
But why am I tellin' all this if I'm not even gonna post some mp3 from my band?
Cuz our track "Meetin' Paris Hilton" never got so close from the Hilton herself... it is featured with the promo for Simple Life in the whole Latin America... how great is this?! My mom don't know who Paris is, but she is happy.

•  Cansei de ser Sexy & Paris n' Nicole - Simple Life promo



I think it must be something old for you... cuz someone from this band can be a co-worker, or neighbor, or close friend... if so, good for you.. and I'm not being ironic. I really mean it! Wish it was me ... Cuz this BAND is one of the coolest things I heard in a long time... I love the shark section from they're website... it's just the best. I love that all of them sing. I love they're videos too. AND they are big hearted... cuz you can download most of they're two EP's + the cover art...Allright, Breaker!Breaker!: I have feelings for you. Can I take you out?

•  Breaker!Breaker! - Do Right, Do Wrong

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  1. holy shit fox, that's so dope!!!! nice track. i wanna hear more!

  2. no no no fox---your band is SO dope! breaker! breaker! is cool but you guys are fanfuckingtastic.

  3. breaker! breaker! is good inconcert but they don't even come close to this hilton business.

  4. hey- so cool that youre posting here now. i came across your flog sometime last year and collected somewhat 5 free ccs songs over the time (there is hardly a way to get your music in germany)
    ...so yesyes like the antlered girl said i want to hear more too!

  5. hey abolin... I didn't know people in Germany knew us... where in germany you're writing? Are you on f.log too? I don't want to post old things cuz I don't like them no more... but in september, one day after we release I'm sure all tracks will be in soulseek so you'll have them all! but I'll keep you all posted... I want everyone to listen to it as much as you want to hear it!

  6. oh jesus, SOMEONE post already.

  7. hey..yes i have a flog, but nothing spectacular, just family pics and drawings -take look (click the name). im in berlin, but right now im sitting in a small town writing on my thesis.
    i m not getting any over soulseek ...since when is soulseek regional? all i have is from promo sites and what sucka posted a while ago. keep up the good music! i am curious about that new record..

  8. uuuuuuuuuuh... how can i? its 3 letters and i misspell it. css. sorry.