short post, got a shoot today. location scouting last night in nyack was fun, weird, and exhausting. it still boggles the mind how drastically the world changes once you cross that hudson river. wish me luck tonight (and damn you, rain!).



i saw the Oxes for the first time in the late 90s in my friends loft space in dumbo. i was instantly impressed. kinda crazy dudes walking around with cordless guitars stopping and staring off into the horizon every so often on top of their giant amps and whatever else would hold still. the whole time playing some fast, heavy, shedding guitars against each other. i think they are also responsible for one of my favorite live covers i've witnessed, a full two-guitar rendition of The Foo Fighters "Everlong" (back when it was still kinda new).

• Oxes - Side A

• Oxes - Kaz Hyashi

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  1. thanks for posting. ah the memories i have there at hook mtn.