the gypsy band playing a sunday night serenade last weekend down on the soon-to-be-extinct williamsburg waterfront (and yes, they do have a washboard player and someone playing the saw). they also played at the previously-posted rooftop slip-n-slide party. i actually was so psyched on their rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" that i recorded it with my camera. it's kind of a funny video cause it starts off while i am still sitting with some friends who had been lighting off fireworks on each other. but the music drew me away, so you'll notice that it gets clearer and louder. oh yeah, and the whole thing is pretty much pitch-black because that's how it was on the roof. hopefully you will find it at least mildly amusing/interesting.

• Dead Man's Orchestra - You Are My Sunshine (video)

and don't forget Freak Da Tables tonight.



so i was listening to this track sitting on an A train headed to far rockaway, watching this little girl at about that age where they're walking but are still pretty wobbly on the whole right-left-right bit. she was standing on her daddy's lap, hands pressed up against the grimy window, lightly tapping against it as the setting sunlight flowed in and lit up her face and saucer-sized eyes. . . she stared mesmerized, watching the graffiti, rooftops, and illegal billboards zip by. i was watching all of this and thought to myself, "damn this is a good song."

• Saul Williams - Twice The First Time

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  1. back when i was in 10th grade this track came out on the eargasms compilation and i got extremely inspired. later that year saul williams played at the nightclub my friends and i started in my town (nyack represent!) and i was the MC and sound girl. man it was so inspiring. i still think this track is the best thing he ever did.

  2. ha. the video/soundtrack begins with some girl sounding like she's vomiting for a good 15 seconds and talking about bars over this beautiful music. your friends are obviously awesome.

  3. jesus that song really is gorgeous. the spirit of it kinda reminds me of my little arcade fire canadians.

  4. Great song. Cool post. Just passing through, I'm liking the blog by the way.

  5. one of the most stinky things I know are microphones... man...I woundn't like to be the next one to use that beat box mic. I agree with Antlers, it remind me of arcade fire as well...gipsy arcade fire.

  6. can you find out more about this gypsy band please? like where we can see them?

  7. they're from new orleans. . . train-hopped it all the way up here. no idea what they plan to do next. stop by the free store, they might have some leads.

  8. im trying to get them on the subway party tomorrow night!
    June 9th, 9pm.
    Party picks up at Chambers St. uptown platform, last car
    Dress code: to the 9s.
    Gospel sermons and gospel music will be performed, and the Rude Mechanical
    Orch are attending in sorts.

    tho i heard not all the RMO can make it, so bring people that make pretty sounds along!

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