here's to friends who stay up till 3 am making you feel better. thanks.

and speaking of good kids. . . these people seriously make the world, and this city, a better place to live. i am proud to say i know them. and it's about time the NY Times gave them some due. damn straight.



so i like personal dedications. . . when you can find a way to communicate often complicated things in someone else's words, well that's just interesting (ie. every mix tape made for someone else in high school). but i find that they are also fraught with peril. . . and yet somehow just can't be denied. so for better or for worse, we submit to the dedication. . . here's to the art of letting go.

• The Zombies - The Way I Feel Inside

buy music, especially independent.


  1. I like your little scary manequim boy...is his fav. color red? I could come up with some hot summer outfits for him... like neon stuff you know? Hot-PINK, crazy-green... can he dance?

  2. How many fingers does he have?

  3. he has all his fingers, and his arms come off. a friend once stole them for like a month. but she brought them back. . .

    my dad bought the mannequin when i was born. our house was far from the road, so he put the boy out at the address post with a sign "it's a boy!" i eventually wore the same clothes the boy wore, the red polo shirt and patchwork plaid/denim jeans. now he just hangs out and watches movies with my roommate.

  4. oh god! this soooooooong break me in pieces!
    I saw that this tune is from life aquatic... it is sooooo pretty... I haven't watch the movie yet... but I want to...

  5. troublebrass.6/30/2005 3:01 AM

    it's funny that your friends are pretend...lately i just feel like my friends are assholes.