um, gonna be out of town till tuesday. my lil' sis (NOT pictured above) is graduating from college, and she'd kill me if i was M.I.A. pretty damn good excuse to go to florida for a few days. i wonder how many key lime pies i can eat before i puke or pass out. . . guess i'll have to find out and report back.

i just got an email from a nyc acquaintance and maker of awesome films (ever see "Warriors: The Bike Race"?). his new one is debuting at the Bicycle Film Festival this year, called "Still We Ride." it's a documentary about the crackdown on Critical Mass by the city of new york. here's his update:

Chris from TEAM SPIDER here,
been busy, making a movie about the police crackdown on the monthly CRITICAL MASS bike ride.

at current count,
- i've been arrested twice,
-had camera smashed once,
-snuck another night vision camera in a paddy wagon with me,
-had 2 bikes stolen by police armed with power-saws,
-scored police surveillance footage / aka amateur porn,
-worn a wire to finally get cop statements,
-been pictured in handcuffs on the front page of the NY Times metro section
-been labeled by the police commissioner as a propagandist.
-found a new Team Spider band mate while in Pier 57/ Guantanimo on the Hudson
...( welcome ben stewart, violin)

all for my stinkin movie:
0h... and also for a dying document called the first amendment


watch the trailer. . . and buy tickets to his film EARLY, it will sell out.

and i know i'm really late with this one, but here's a big NY Times shout-out to our boy Leon. the Times might always be a bit behind the times, but at least they do catch up every so often. now we just got to get those pics of you in your "american terrorist" disguise printed somewhere. you really almost did get hypothermia for them. you EARNED it, dammit!



okay, i had written this post months ago, it was huge. however blogger really sucks sometimes and lost the whole damn thing. it took me over 2 hours then, and i don't have that kind of time anymore. anyway, the point being that this track is possibly one of the most perfect songs ever. . . i am totally serious. it is by The Raincoats. i'll let Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic.com give you the background:

"The Raincoats were one of the most experimental bands that immediately followed the initial burst of punk rock in the late '70s. With their minimalistic approach to guitar-driven folk-rock, the band developed a distinctive, jagged sound, punctuated by a shrill violin. The Raincoats were also one of the first all-female post-punk bands, which wasn't common in the late '70s and early '80s. When they were recording, the band gained a small cult following in their native England and an even smaller audience in America; they broke up in 1984."

right, so now to the good part. Kurt Cobain was a huge fan of The Raincoats, he was constantly mentioning them to every journalist that would listen. He was such a fan that word is he wouldn't sign to a major label unless they agreed to let him re-issue the entire Raincoats back catalog. needless to say, he got what he wanted. later on he worked to get the band back together to join Nirvana on their 1994 world tour. unfortunately, Kurt bowed out before that ever happened. however The Raincoats decided to continue on. they eventually did tour and recorded the EP "Extended Play" with Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth on drums. . . with two of the songs coming from a John Peel session. the track below is from this EP, recorded in 1994. go buy it, seriously, right now. it doesn't get much better than this.

• The Raincoats - Don't Be Mean

(my other favorite Raincoats song, from the album Odyshape)
• The Raincoats - Only Loved At Night

buy music, especially independent.


  1. samanthalynn5/05/2005 11:16 AM

    i love key lime pie!
    (i know you are shocked, the fat girl loves pie)
    please eat atleast two for me.
    thank you.
    you will be missed at pam's bday celebration.

  2. so hard on trackbikes. ouch.
    ex-gfs are the new blogslather?

  3. i always a day late.
    so im gunna whine and ask ya to ckeck out
    yesterrdays comments.
    i put some good info there.

    isnt key lime pie just a flavor of soy yogurt?
    huh whad'ya know, all that time ive been dumpstering a flavor that really does come in pie form.
    really people hate that shit, or else so much of it
    wouldnt end up in the trash!

  4. antlered grrl may get a kick outta this
    as far as pies go,
    im a banana cream kinda person,
    even through my six year career as
    a self-righteous vegan!
    im a jack-ass.
    and couldnt kick the holiday pies!
    turkey no!
    Cream-pies, yes!

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