last night at Happy Endings. . . Dj Pussy threw it down with antlered girl while all the almost-pretty hipsters watched and continued to feel self-conscious.

so my roommate gets a lot of junk mail because someone somewhere screwed up and decided he had a lot of money to invest. usually the free subscriptions to Forbes and whatnot are more of an annoyance than anything else. but he just got this in the mail the other day, and now i am unnerved by the obvious and blatant implications. although at least the sneaking suspicion that one of the main impetuses behind the iraq war was profits from weapons manufacturing and rebuilding costs seems to have a bit more validity now. take a look for yourself.
you so know what i am doing with my lunch money from now on. . .

"The wheels of this city are not spinning smoothly. Something is broken. The next rally is on May 27. It's a good thing that people on both sides wear helmets."
Critical Mass gets a note in the New York Times today. (free log-in required)

alternatively, here's a negative personal account of a motorist's (but a pro-bike motorist) encounter with San Fran's Critical Mass. normally i wouldn't bother, but this is balanced enough and well written so as to communicate their point effectively. definitely worth a read, especially if you are a CM rider.

and here's another taste of "The Daily Doom Report" (title mine) compiled by the people over at Citizens For Legitimate Government. feelin' good about the world today? this'll wipe that sentiment right off yer face.



this cover comes on special request, so i can't save it for the comp. it's from the Black Sabbath tribute due to drop tomorrow called "Everything Comes & Goes: A Tribute To Black Sabbath." the album features the likes of Four Tet, Matmos, Paul Newman, Ruins, and the Curtis Harvey Trio. This track is the only recorded evidence of the latter act, as they actually broke up between recording it and the actual release of the album. . . which is a damn shame. anyway, it's great, so enjoy.

• Curtis Harvey Trio - Changes

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  1. I couldnt open the front or back.

  2. all day long. on repeat. i think this is the best song ever.

  3. holy. fuckin. shit. front/back. eek. scary.

  4. I wouldn't worry about that newsletter. It looks to me like marketing fear tactics. They're selling something and what's the best way to make rich scared Americans buy? By making them more scared of course. Bush is a stupid asshole, but I don't think he's gonna attack Iran. They have nukes and he's not gonna open that can of worms. Just look at North Korea. Syria, maybe...No nukes = no defense against Adolf Bushler.

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  6. now i know where to sink my dough!
    who wants to move to Thailand with me?????

    and you know what Bush is NOT dumb,
    he's just got number one on the mind.

    Y'all should check out a really good book put out by
    John Feffer, about the Korean peninsula and our foreign policies there, it reads like a magazine article, really easy, think Harpers, etc.
    check it;