this is pretty messed up/unnerving. courtesy of Visual Resistance.

and i didn't know satan got himself a children's book publishing deal, i guess he must have been pretty jealous of Jon Stewart.



sorry kids, can't shake this bad funk since i heard about the accident on sunday night. i went and read Brandie's myspace profile and that kind of sent me back down again. things don't make no sense sometimes. so here's the most optimistic song i could find today. unfortunately i don't know who it is by, so if any of you music experts out there could help me out it would be appreciated. it's a cover of a Natalie Merchant song. thanks.
UPDATE: lau is tellin' me that it's Maria McKee, and i'm gonna go with that until someone can prove me wrong. thanks lau.

• Maria McKee - Life Is Sweet

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  1. au au au miau miau miau5/11/2005 12:13 PM

    the link to the song isn't workin'...
    I wanna see if I figure out who's the artist.

  2. hmmmm, well it works for me, but i renamed it and checked the link anyway. it should be all good now.

  3. sure sounds like shawn colvin. love of my life. she has this incredible song that's a cover of a steven earle song called "riding shotgun down the avalanche" she was like my favorite musicisian forever. she's better known for her song "get out of this house" and falls in unfortunately with the adult music set even though she's so much more interesting awesome folk music than that.

  4. yeah. it's gotta be her. her voice is so distinctive.

  5. au au au au miau miau miau5/11/2005 2:55 PM

    Now I can hear... I'm sorry, but I don't know who is she... Do you know Peggy Lee? there's anything to do with this one... but you'll find some comfort in her voice...

  6. http://www.mp3search.ru/artist.html?id=9951

  7. is that a pic of gwen stefani? this is definitely definitely a shawn colvin song. you should change the text on your post.

  8. I found your site through looking up brandie? I didn't actually think it would be true. Did you know her? I went to highschool with her. I just found out.

  9. yes it is true, unfortunately. i've been trying to find out why the driver hasn't been charged with anything. but no one seems to know. i knew her casually through friends and the place she worked. we talked a lot about vancouver. she was a pretty amazing girl that i obviously missed out on knowing better. i'm just glad that so many people did appreciate her when they could.