winds of change are a blowin'. . . where you gonna end up next?

so there is an art/music show coming up this weekend, at Asterisk in bushwick. i'll be showing some photos i took on my frequent trips back to ohio during my father's recovery last year. the show is called "Traces of Me or How I Learned to Draw." i actually won't be at the opening, my (future CIA) lil' sister is graduating college and would probably kill me if i was MIA on her. so go drink free wine, dance around, fall down, have fun and take scandalous photos without me. oh, and maybe look at the art at some point.

"Traces of Me or How I Learned to Draw"
with works by

Tod Seelie
Matt Lucas
Vadis Turner
Ryan Watkins-Hughes
Mike Quinn

Music by:

Stay Fucked
Lycaon Pictus

dj Sean O'Sullivan all night!

Saturday, May 7th

Come for the art show and some cheap wine 6:30 (free!!!)
or, if you must, come at 8:30 or so for the party and the bands. (5$
for the bands after 8:30...sorry....they work hard so you can dance)

Asterisk* Art Project
258 johnson ave at bushwick ave
L train to Montrose, one block downhill, turn left



i've had this stuck in my head since friday morning. . . all on the ride from brooklyn to noho i just kept repeating it in my head. i haven't been able to get away from it since. i guess it has become my personal anthem as of late. . . and i think it might have something to do with the fact that i just found out that i might not be employed much longer at my current location. might be right back to painting overpriced apartments and clubs. yeah, that is a job that i do not miss.

• Camper Van Beethoven - When I Win The Lottery

buy music, especially independent.


  1. so you finally beat me in hits. (tear) (sniffle).

  2. just beat me again today. your shit is blowing up. rad.

  3. yeah, but why? i'm not providing original photos from iraq, or insightful discussion. . . i'm pimping myself and whining about not having money.

    hardly compares.

  4. it's blowing up from nycc and bikeblog, who know what's up i suppose. here's some sucka love though, because the spirit moves me or whatever: sp is so nice because there's music, beautiful photos of events i go to, and witticisms i wish i'd come up with myself as titles. the best little blogger in town to be quite honest.

  5. I agree with the girl.

    the photos rock, and the music is sick.

    and the titles never feel cheap or vulgar.

    and lastly, it was the inspiration for me to start the damn vulture ridden shitcart that I caretake.

  6. I just started regularly reading this blog. I enjoy the photos (don't download the tunes because I read from work).

    I read the blog because I am trying to have more fun in my life and it seems like you have a healthy amount of fun...often at events I lazily, stupidly blew off attending!